moonchildlover 65F
522 posts
3/26/2006 5:39 pm

Guess what..recieved a coupon in the mail for BATTERIES..woohoo.. do they know something i don' i going to need these ? am i never going to see or feel the real thing again ? am i reading too much into this coupon? lol

rm_jbmm3 47M/35F
74 posts
3/26/2006 6:36 pm

can never have enough batteries

HeardLankaMalls 56M
2925 posts
3/27/2006 12:19 pm

Maybe just a temporary filler? It wasn't for a LIFETIME SUPPLY was it??
I'm sure you'll see, and feel the real thing again

Hugs, C

Becca53913 58F
131 posts
4/6/2006 9:34 pm

Maybe we could all join a discount group or something. Looks like we may need it if they are sending coupons in the mail now.

Cor it just isn't the same. Batteries can't hug you after or enjoy a cig. I know bad habit. Have to have at least on now!


spacecadet561 61M

4/16/2006 4:28 pm

Batteries can be useful when you're "between lovers", or when you want a little more variety in your sex life. They even work in flashlights when the power goes out, so you can find your toys if you need them.


fotfetguy 64M

5/13/2006 11:01 pm

SHOCKING @#$%$#*(*&@#

fotfetguy 64M

5/13/2006 11:24 pm

Why does my flashlight smell funny?

rm_ath7letic2 55M
8 posts
1/23/2007 9:15 am

Batteries, everyone loves them when they work, when they dont everyone hates them. Always make sure there is a substitute, mmmmm.

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