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4/14/2006 9:29 pm

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I was having a very stressful day at work. I thought about cancelling our date, since I thought I would make for lousy company. But we had rescheduled this so many times, I didn't want her to think I was a tease. Being with a woman is something I never thought I would ever have the courage to do. But she made it easy for me. I wasn't at all nervous about it; I knew I wanted to be with her and I felt she wanted the same.

I couldn't reach Danni for any last minute words of wisdom. Danni, my best friend of almost 20 years, is the one responsible for encouraging me to act on my innermost desires. We used to joke about Hollywood celebrities we thought could "get it". Initially, we only named stars like..LL, Denzel in Training Day, but not in John Q, Howie Long, Marvin Gaye (obviously before he died), and so many others. I can't remember who started it, but somehow the conversation evolved into who you would do IF you were gay. At some point, we realized that we could name just as many women, if not more, than men. And then one day, right out of the blue, she tells me she did it. With a girl. And she liked it. Alot.

I thought about that conversation we had on my way to my friend's house. I checked my senses--I wasn't nervous or scared or unsure of myself. In fact, I felt very confident and relaxed. I thought about the facts. Fact - she's hot. Fact-she's into me. Fact-we have common interests. Fact-her ass just won't quit working it. Fact-there are no expectations. I can leave if I want to. Fact-my mouth is watering just thinking about her breasts, her pussy, her ass. I remembered asking Danni how she felt after she'd been with a woman. After all, Danni and I had always had similar thoughts about sex when it came to men, so why would our thoughts about women be so different? She stated that what appealled to her the most about pussy was the fact that she felt more in control than she ever. She knew what she liked and she knew she could do that to someone else who could appreciate the effort. She said is something so beautiful about the female body-any woman who does not acknowledge that is not being honest with herself.

So we're sitting in the living room; she's on the loveseat and I'm on the couch. The tv is on; music videos from the eighties. We're sipping on wine talking about how we each arrived at this point in our lives. As she's talking, I'm trying very hard to concentrate on her words because all I really want to do is taste her lips. She is an incredible woman. I'd be lying if I acted like I didn't think that. Her lips, hands, breasts, hips, ass and legs..I like it all. Suddenly she gets up and comes over to the couch. She says she wants to know what I taste like. What I taste like? My mouth waters..

She standing in front of me, bra and panties. Her kisses have made me wet and wanting for more. I feel like a 12 year old boy getting off his first nut. I can't believe how good this feels. She's so cool and confident; it empowers me to do what I want. I take off her bra and lick her sweet nipples; at the same time, she's pulling off my clothes and reaching for me. She's talking to me, but I have no idea what she's saying. I want her all over me. Now our clothes are off; no more playing around. I'm on the couch, she spreads my legs and stares at my wet pussy. "Pretty pussy," I heard her say. After that, I can't remember.

I call Danni...guess what..I'm in the first she doesn't understand..then she was it? I tell her it was good, fun, really natural and easy. She screams again. She wants to hear every detail. I tell her how she opens my legs and knows exactly where to put her tongue and what to do with her hands. I tell her how it felt like my blood was rushing down my body right to my clit. I tell her how all I could think about was tasting her, so I sat up and pushed her on the floor so I could lick her wetness. And when I did, it was so juicy and hot and I couldn't believe I was doing it but I was and I liked it and she did too and why had it taken me so long to do what I knew I would like?

Then I tell Danni how we went upstairs because she had a toy she wanted to try on me. She's got a vibrator that sounds like a lawn mover...I don't know if I should be scared or not. But when she starts to lick me while teasing me with that loud-ass hummer, I forget about the noise and relax in the feeling of her sweet tongue and the vibe rubbing on my throbbing clit. She's doing me and I can hear her sexy is that, I tell Danni.

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4/15/2006 6:23 am

Where is the rest? This is very interesting but you've left a brother hanging. I assume you and Danni got down and very comfortable. Or did you just order a pizza and both got lucky with the delivery person? (LO Just curious..

SirMounts 103M

4/25/2006 3:08 am

Well, I hope a good time was had by all. *winking*
Welcome to blogging, moodymonster. *smiling*

Cloe_1 57F

4/27/2006 10:35 am

I can't wait to read the rest of this story...hurry up and finish!!! What's the hold up?

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