weak is man  

monopoly35 37M
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6/30/2006 3:00 am

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3/24/2008 4:13 am

weak is man

Ohhh, what a woesome bunch we are. Men, that is. We strot around with our chest as forward as possibel, we constantly try to act cool and strong. Masters of the universe, holding their powerful sword and sack full of magic in both hands.

But we're weak, spineless and gullable. Wear your black bra's, your sensual stockings and tny thongs, and we're on our knees, slithering on teh floor as a satanic snake wriggling in holy water.

Take our chin into your hand and jerk our head towards yours, then whisper naughty fantasies into our ears. we're conquered, our muscles are useless, and all our braincells have taken the elevator down, and are gathering to strengthen our prial weapons, our means of force.

We are weak, but it's a weakness it wouldn't want to lose. It's bliss...

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