theory of the wink, a researchers nightmare  

monkeygirl1971 47F
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8/26/2006 1:54 am

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9/9/2006 4:57 am

theory of the wink, a researchers nightmare

So, as I may have previously stated, I have recently become very interesting in the concept of "the wink". I find it ironic that my blog would get a reply as to the purpose of the wink, and yet those who have winked this week have been unwilling or unable to share their own insights on winking. Quickly, "the wink" has become a coveted mystery. And so, I set forth on my Quest for the Holy Wink. Ok, maybe that's putting it a little too high on my priority scale but you get the idea. I've spent one week so far emailing replies to my winkers, asking them for their own personal view of the wink, why they winked at me and why they wink in general. I also decided, that all my research could be shared within the pages of my blog and like the Manifesto of Surrealism, it would lay the first breadcrumb of truth on the path thru the forest to the candy house owned by the which who enjoyed sucking cocking, long walks on the beach and discreet meetings with married trolls, which so many others would follow as they searched for the girl who could squirt the farthest. But in retrospect I must question whether or not this dangerous journey I have begun is worth the price I may pay in the end, for I fear I may loose touch with the outside world as I am drawn further and further into my obsession for the dark underworld of the wink, slowly and without much notice loosing my sense of what is real and what is wink.

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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8/26/2006 4:28 am

Clearly you're questioning why guys send winks, but the reason they're there in the first place is marketing. A FF doesn't want to allow non-paying members the ability to converse with others, but if you give them the ability to communicate in some fashion, they'll keep coming back. All the better if this form of communication is just a big tease, and the user has no real way to convey his horniness and when he'll be in town to the hot 22 year old bi-chick he's fantasizing about.

monkeygirl1971 replies on 8/26/2006 5:54 am:
and yet there are sooo many from Gold Members sending, apparently it is easier to send a wink while masterbating than typing an email

ciclonandcoke 48M  
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8/29/2006 8:35 pm


rm_ORB486 58M

9/9/2006 3:07 am

Hey, Winky, calm down a notch. A nod is as good as a wink. If I could send nods, I would. They should have an array of choices: winks, nods, kisses, flowers, shots over the port bow, shot glasses, single roses, guitar serenades, lifted eyebrows, pinched cheeks, buttkisses, sleeping bags, coke mirrors, friendly birdfingers and assorted Italian gestures.

rm_ORB486 58M

9/9/2006 3:20 am

I forgot twitches, lols and ticks, oh mys.

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