uhm yeah whatever..  

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3/3/2005 10:38 pm

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uhm yeah whatever..

A reasonably good day today. nothing much happened. I watched the new eppisode of law and order, trial by jury. too bad lenny's dead.. ah well. it won't be the same without him.

I made chilli for dinner tonight, I ended up burning the bottom of it as I was too busy to maintain stirring it every 15- 25 min. still tased ok, a little on the weak side if you ask me. But then again hot things tend to go right through me recently. I went out and bought hot dogs to go along with it. Nothing like Chilli dogs. Nummers.

I need a new desk, suporting peripherials on TV trays just doesn't seem sturdy or safe. meh whatever, I'm sure the printer will survive a few more gravity induced trips to the floor.

I just recently finished off a rather professional resume. I've enjoyed my unemplyments vacation long enough I'm bored and need something to occupy my days, aside fomr mid day TV and video games. I go outside and work on one of my tunner cars but it pretty darn cold out there.

enough for now.. bleh to you all. ^_^

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