Remembering Camp Mc Coy Wis.  

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2/16/2006 4:03 pm

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Remembering Camp Mc Coy Wis.

What a time for this sixteen year old. Mom and Dad signed the papers that I was seventeen when in fact I was only sixteen. However, a good way to get me out of their hair for two weeks. NG warrior playing soldier with the big boys. Sixty percent of the company were WWII vets. We had thirty new recruits with us for this in encampment.
The most in the whole battalion. Of Course Korea was still going on so some of the guy were there to get out of the draft at the time. The marching, field training and even the guard duty was fun for us younger guys. Our week end pass to La Cross where there was a big college was one great hunting ground for the fair maidens.
Summer school for those young ladies who would be teaching in the fall. You see it wasn't just lately that older women liked younger lads.
Some of my buddies thought that I was crazy heading for the campus library. In Army uniform and in about ten minutes in the Social Studies area I found her.
She looked about twenty-eight or so. Hair in a unattractive bun. and hardly any make up. Her summer light cotton dress showed that she had a body that some Hollywood babes would die for.
She wore a gold ban on the ring finger of her left hand.
I selected a history book of the D-Day Invasion
and sat down a few spaces away and across from her at the same table. Turning to a double page picture of wounded and dead on Omaha beach I gave a little moan. She looked over at me with concern in her eyes.
"Oh I am sorry I disturbed you" I said.
"Oh no that's alright, can I help"? she asked.
"It's just that I found a picture of my older brother on the beach at Normandy" I said with my eyes all watery.
She got out of her chair and came around the table and sat in the chair next to mine. As I turned my head towards her she cradled me to her shoulder. Her other arm came around to hold me and comfort me pulling my face to her breast.
The soft round plump warm morsel along my cheek send sparks to my groin. She smelled of Ivory soap. I reached around her waist pulling my self even tighter, the action moving my mouth to the small opening and the succulent valley of her cleavage. Her body gave a small twitch that I recognized as a small orgasm. More later

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2/19/2006 5:10 pm

"Oh you poor baby" she said. "It's going to be all right" She rocked me in her arms. "
Your so young and you must be frightened"?
"Oh yes I am I said, they gave me ordersd to ship out to Korea next week."
"This will be my last weekend is the states!"
"Woun't they let you go home to visit your family first"? She asked.
"They are gone too, I said two years ago."
She held me a little tighter.
"I don't mine going. It's just the thought of never knowing a women as a man, if I am unlucky".
She pushed me gently away and looked into my eyes.
"You've never had a girl friend"?
"No I said I had to enlist to get out of the ophanage!"
"I have a Blue 1947 Cheve Coupe parked outside, meet me out there."
I went out side to wait for her. I saw her go into the ladies room as I was on my way out.
I few minutes later she came out and we got into the car. She told me that she rented a room from a couple for the summer school, however, they were gone for the weekend to visit their daughter in
The home was a couple of miles outside of the city. We hurried into the house she took my hand and guided me to her room upstairs.
Her breathing was rapid she kicked off her shoes and as she pulled her dress over her head she told me that she was married and that her husband was having an affair with someone in his office. The book she had been reading was a romance with very vivid and graphic.
As the dress went up I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties.
She noticed where I was staring.
"They were soaked!" she said I had to take them off.
"Why are you just setting there "? she asked "Don't you want to now"?
I stood up my mandhood tenting my trousers I want to alright. I almost couldn"t beleive how fast this was going.
She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. They were wonderful so proud with tiny little freckles. I let out a little moan and reach for them.
She reach for my head and pulled me to them. "Suck them, I need them sucked."She said.
I took the left on her redish brown nipple in my mouth and gentely sucked. "Do it harded!"she commanded. Her hands were now unbuckeling my belt and pushing down my pant and underwear.
"Oh yea nice" she said and gave me a little shove onto the bed.
She strattled my hips and inserted me into her womenhood.
I tried to hold out but couldn't after about four flixes of her hips I came.
"It's alright Baby!" she said."You can go again, I'll take care of that.

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