can someone really be that stupid??  

moffu 35M
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4/19/2006 7:00 pm

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4/19/2006 10:12 pm

can someone really be that stupid??

I had a regular customer come in today to have us look at her car, she lent her car to her son and the starter went out. he had it towed to pep boys and the tech that was working on her car said the starter wasn't bad and he couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't start. he went on to say it was her spark plugs and she had a severe oil leak and the oil level was dangerously low. I just did the oil pan and valve cover about 4 months ago. they also talked her son in to paying to have the computer scanned because he mentioned that the check engine light was on. Well they told her that there was no codes stored in the computer and said this was caused by her spark plugs. they even told him to check the oil with the car running, and her tires were "cupping because her alignment was bad.

I can't believe that what she was telling me, I brought the car in and started checking things out. I noticed the engine was running rough and it was shaking hard I figured the check engine light had something to do with that but I still wanted to verify what they had been telling her and to their credit the front tires were cupping, but this is not caused by bad alignment it's caused by bad shocks/struts and/or weak springs you can align the car all you'd like and it won't keep the tires from cupping, I then pulled out my dinosaur scanner and hooked it up to the cars computer and guess what their was a code stored in the computer it turns out her O2 sensor was bad and this kicked on the check engine light. next the oil leak, under the car had some oil but it was all new clean oil and when I checked the oil the level was over by 2 quarts! now being over filled by this much will cause an oil leak. and after I ran a few tests yes the starter is bad. Do they really employ these idiots? this it the same place that would not hire me because I didn't have enough experience! I think this was hilarious!

Oh just in case you didn't know you should always check your oil with the engine warmed up to operating temp. and without the engine running!

angelofmercy5 60F
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4/19/2006 8:21 pm

Thank you for the tip! I always wondered whether they hired people who actually knew what they were doing?

waerlookin4fun 51M/47F

4/19/2006 8:22 pm

yep people can be that stupid. My dad taught me how to change the oil in my car, how to drain and refill the radiator, change the brakes and bleed them all because there are some (not all, but some) repair shops that will take unsuspecting people for a very expensive ride. The one time I took my car to the shop for a brake change it took them three times to get it right and the third time was only because my dad showed up with me. And of course you're right about the shocks/struts.....bad ones will cause a car to kinda jump all over the road screwing up the tires. It's also dangerous. Hopefully it didn't cost your friend too much.

imLadyBambi 59M/51F

4/19/2006 8:34 pm

Thanks for the info.

But, you would be surprised how many auto mechanics will take advantage of women because they do not know enough about automobiles.

And yes companies will hire dumb fucks instead of the qualified person.

moffu 35M

4/19/2006 9:15 pm

I can't speak for all techs, but I didn't get in to this field to make a lot of money (if that was the case I'd still be book keeping), in fact the techs at my shop are paid quite a bit less than most other shops and we have a saying around our shop "we won't recommend anything that is not really nessary" if we recommend it you need it, if we suggest it you may not need it now but it's a good idea to get it done soon. and if you have any questions we'll be happy to take you in the shop and show you whats wrong and explain why you need it. we all care about what we do and get along like family! some times we have our bad days and I tend to get frustrated easily lately, I was once very mellow on the job. now I am loose my cool rather easily at work once my uniform comes off I'm back to my regular self. My friends say it's sexual frustration, and thats partly why im here. Till I find that someone I'll have to settle for me and my motorcycle!

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