life and dreams  

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1/22/2006 1:48 am

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life and dreams

Things will never be the same, time will never be the
same. Sands of the time will slowly slip away from
our fingers and we will settle down more and more
with in our lives. We will learn to be more mature ,
wise , realistic and practical with the passsage of
time.Like others , we will realize that our dreams are
out of our reach and we should accept the inevitable
and be content with what we have got , in other
words , live our lives in the practical and realistic

But i like to believe differently. To me , my Dreams
are everything . Unlike others , i won`t be letting go
of my dreams . I always believe that one could make
things happen for onself and consequently , achieve
all that one wants to achieve. Achieving something to
me waz just as simple as putting in the effort required
for it. Fortunately , now i know that we humans have
no limitations and we can achieve everything we
want to achieve. This reality is more then enough for
me and I would really be going all out of everything.
I Dream of achieving everything. And I know that
like anyone else in the world , there is enough love all
around me to make my life more than worthwhile. It
is just a matter of opening my eyes towards it.

I will achieve everything . I dream of achieving and
would love others the way they love me . I will try to
live my life the way i want to live.

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