Getting Started: Conclusion  

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Getting Started: Conclusion

(Although not always described safe sex is always practiced.)

The week seemed to be endless as my anticipation built up day by day. Endless thoughts crossed my mind wondering what surprise I had in store for me, and would I be up to it whatever it was. I had been instructed not to have any release until we met again and it was driving me crazy to keep everything pent up inside of me.

The day finally came and non too soon, as far as I was concerned. Arriving at his place early, I actually waited until the exact time we were to meet before I rang the doorbell. My hand was shivering with anticipation.

As I stepped inside the eager anticipation I had expected was not there, instead I was greeted with a simple statement, "Close your eyes and come with me." At first I didn't know how to feel, but I decided to follow this through. He took my hand and guided me as went went, my heart pounding not knowing what to expect.

After following him through some twists and turns and a flight of stairs he sopped and said, "Keep your eyes closed... I am going to undress you." This is what I had been waiting for... the feel of his hands on me, the touches that excited me.. but they did not come. He undressed me almost clinically, detached and with a minimum of touch.

I was feeling dejected and though the fog I heard him say, "Step into this." I raise one foot and then the other as instructed... I could feel fabric slide up my legs and the stop at my waist encircling it... and to my surprise I felt his hands squeezing and caressing my ass. I moaned with delight... I longed for more of his touches and caresses and more.

I felt his hands on my shoulders and I was excited to think that I was about to be rewarded with his hard cock to taste and savor. Unfortunately he was just have me sit, and my excitement sank. I was in a state of confusion... but I couldn't back out now, I had to see it through.

I felt him at the tips of my toes, as he started to slide something over my feet and then continued to pull it up my legs and when he reached my thighs he began to kiss there. The excitement was incredible. He went to the other foot and repeated the process.. as he kissed my thighs I grew hard and my cock began to pulse. I wanted more and more of his attention.

"stand up, you really do love attention don't you," it was more a statement than a question, "then you are really going to like the surprise I have for you."

I felt pressure at my waist and his hands brushing against my things and with a jolt I realized what was going on. I felt stupid and excited at the same time. I should have figured it out so long ago. He was attaching the stockings to the garter he had me step into earlier. He seemed to be having a bit of trouble with the attachments, and I smiled hoping it was due to his excitement.

At last he had me step into what I knew to be panties... I could feel them against my legs as he pulled them up. I sighed as they covered my ass and could feel his hands move over them. I gasped as he squeezed my cock... stroking it through the panties.

After sliding on what felt like a very sheer robe he simply said, "Open your eyes." My mouth feel open as I looked into the mirror before me and said what he had done. It was me in white lacey panties, white stockings with lacey tops and a oh so sexy white garter with nice red bows at the end. The very sheer withe covering came down and covered my ass mid way as I turned excited at what I saw.

"I knew you would like my surprise," he beamed with that wonderful smile of his. "You do look delicious," he said as he took me in his arms and I could feel his hands roam all over me. While I had been admiring myself he had undressed, and I could feel his hard cock pressed against me. I wanted it so much my body trembled.

I couldn't wait any longer... sliding down his body I found my treasure and hungrily began to suck his wonderful cock. The moans and gasps were music to my ears and increased my desire to milk him of his hot cum. I could sense his excitement and knew that it would be mine soon.

I intensified my efforts wanting his cum so very much... but he pulled aways from me. "This time I want all of you," he said breathlessly. He stood me up and turned me around, pressing against my ass. He reached around and started to pinch my nipples, and I knew I would give anything he wanted.

I felt him pull my panties to the side. Funny how quickly I had adjusted, they had become my panties... just as i had become his... to enjoy as he pleased. Then what seemed like such a long time I finally felt his hard cock pushing against my hole, eager to get in... all the while he was making my nipples scream with pleasure and all my defenses and cares fall away.

As he pushed forward I pushed back and I screamed as he entered me. I wanted to beg him to stop, but another part of me won and I pushed back even harder. With a thrust he was all the way in and I felt like I had never felt before. Slowly he started to move in and out of me, and gradually all pain ended and there was only the pleasure and bliss I need so much.

With each stroke our pleasure grew and I could tell that our raw passions were taking over. I felt him fuck me harder and faster. I was delirious with delight. The harder he fucked me the more my pleasure grew, and I could tell he was getting closer to his release. I wanted more and more of his hard cock and I fucked and moved on his cock all that i could wanting his cum.

As he fucked me he reached around stroked my cock... having held back for over a week it didn't take me long to shoot out a massive load of cum. My ass spasm must have been more than he could take and he screamed and I could feel him pulse and shoot his cum deep inside me. I was having aftershocks that seems ed to never end. There was nothing else in the world but his cock in me and the pleasure he had given to me.

We fell upon the bed exhausted with his cock still in me... and I still remember him whispering in my ear, "I hope you enjoyed your surprise as much as I did."

From that moment on I have been wearing lingerie and enjoy pleasing in all ways that I can.

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