Best Birthday Ever  

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3/26/2006 12:26 pm

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Best Birthday Ever

When we met Miss Freek and her Geek, I think we were both a little startled at how beautiful they were. They looked enough like their pictures to recognize them, but were so much hotter in person that their profile pics are really an injustice to connoisseurs of Beauty everywhere.

We went to a movie and only my vain ideal of respectability kept my hands off of Him as he sat next to me. We went to dinner and there was a table in the way, but the long, brilliant conversation more than made up for that. We went back to their place and played Apples to Apples while listening to interesting music, and my greatest challenge was trying to decide who to tackle first. In the end, we called it a night without even so much as a wee kiss. But there were hugs. There were yummie hugs. It was only later, via email, that the fact of mutual attraction was revealed. We all felt a little silly for not being bolder, but knew that this would make our next "date" all the more rewarding.

And it was. We met at their place for Her birthday, and she and I shared our first kiss while trying on shoes and stockings in the bedroom. Yummie. We went to dinner and had a delightful meal and some more wonderful conversation. It wasn't until we were back in the car headed for their place that I allowed myself to touch Him, but once I had, he played with my skirt and stockings for the rest of the drive.

I'm not sure how we all managed to get up to the bedroom fully clothed, but that didn't last long - except for me, as everyone seemed very interested in my garter belt. *grin* Everything about Her is delicious, ample, and gloriously feminine. Never before have we encountered anything like the unique beauty of Her magical body and its multiple orgasms. I was feeling nervous and inexperienced, but I was the center of her world when my mouth and hands and a little help of the masculine variety were bringing her again and again and again and again and... it was moving and powerful.

Everything about His hands and fingers and lips and mouth and teeth is fucking brilliant. The way he looked at me when we were fucking was enough to give me goosebumps, curl my toes, and clutch at him even tighter. I was instantly comfortable in his arms, which was so very unexpected, but which allowed me to relax and experience things I never thought I would allow (spanking), let alone enjoy (hair pulling).

We crawled into our own bed sometime around 3am on Saturday. When we finally gave up the fight for sleep around noon, we were both very sore from all the of the activity and lack of sleep. But that night was Her actual birthday party/housewarming, and all night it was all I could do to hold a conversation with anyone as I fought to keep my mouth off of Her. I couldn't even make eye-contact with Him for fear I was going to tackle him in the middle of their living room.

Husband arrived late after a full day of working from home, so he missed some great conversation and toddler-watching, but got to participate in a rousing game of Apples to Apples that was far less erotic than I had hoped (after that great lead-in with horny and juvenile Mad Libs), but still great fun with so many intelligent people in the room.

At 2:30 in the morning everyone had just cleared out but us, and I had begun to wonder if maybe we'd worn out our welcome and should have taken our cue from everyone else to give them some peace and quiet and SLEEP after the night before. But then Mr. Geek and I mutually attacked each other in the kitchen, and our fates were sealed.

The four of us again found ourselves in the bedroom fucking like mad bunnies on E. The Sex Gods were again looking kindly on us, granting us the gift of multiple orgasms once again. The bug even wore off on me, as I had a nearly-unprecedented 2 orgasms in one night. Thank you, creator of the Hitachi Magic Wand and a certain beautiful cock. Ms. Freek needs to write us a thank you note to the giver of the Hitachi, making sure he knows just how many people got off on it (and how many times!) on its debut night. This blog is my thank you note (as well as my husband's, vicariously) to the most beautiful couple we have ever had the pleasure of fucking like mad. We hope to have many repeats in the future.

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