A little story to start the day  

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3/23/2005 5:15 am

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A little story to start the day

You got out of the shower, and found me laying on
my tummy on the bed, reading a magazine. Being a
hot summer night, I was wearing panties and
nothing else. Starting at my ankles, you flicked
your tongue over my calves, the backs of my
knees, gently nipping the backs of my thighs.
The magazine fell to the floor as I stretched
out, and lifted my hips from the bed, hoping to
give you better access. Your smooth chest, still
damp from the shower, caressed my feet as you
nuzzled between my legs. Fingers pushed the
crotch of my panties aside, a damp tongue worked
its way in between my lips. Frustrated by lack
of access, you slid my panties down and removed
them. I tried to turn over to my back, and you
held me down. Spreading my cheeks with your
hands, your tongue lapped at my clit, probing my
pussy. A slippery finger slid in and out of my
ass, pushing me over the edge into an incredible

Your mouth moved up, kissing and biting the small
of my back, my sides, licking up my spine,
finally reaching the back of my neck and
shoulders. I could feel your hard cock pressing
against my butt. You found the bottle of lube,
and poured some into the palm of your hand and
stroked it over your cock. You pushed my thighs
back together, and straddled my hips. Sliding
your cock between my tight thighs, even better
than between my breasts. I could feel it rubbing
against my clit, sending tremors of pleasure
through my entire body. You stop, slide a pillow
under my hips, elevating my ass into the air. I
feel the wet finger again, rubbing against my
hole. I press against it, wanting it inside of
me. After getting me nice and lubed, you press
your cock against me. You grasp my hips and pull
me to you, at the same time easing your cock into
my ass. Its so tight, you go slowly. Finally,
you are all the way inside of me, your hips are
against my ass. You pull out slowly but don't
leave completely. My face is buried in the bed,
my hands clenched into fists around the covers.
My moans, yet muffled, are distinctly of pleasure
and pain. You increase your thrusting, working
up to the point where your hips are slapping
against me. I am practically outside myself, it
feels so good. Unable to hold back any longer,
you shoot your load into me, and collapse against
my back. With your head on my shoulder and your
fingers intertwined with mine, we lay for a
while. Now we both need a shower...

rm_NE14ME62 56M
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3/23/2005 6:04 am

wish i could live that fantsy with you.it got me excited.thanks steve

ballsdeepjb 44M

3/23/2005 6:04 am

sounds like you know know me already lets make this a reality call me you have my number in AdultFriendFinder mail

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