My fantasy - Topper  

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4/21/2006 9:55 am
My fantasy - Topper

When we were coming home after a cruise to Bermuda I told her this fantasy: We were going into the dirty bookstore and chanced to come upon Winnie, our neighbor-lady, so we asked her to join us in a private booth. She accepted with relish and as we entered the lobby we chanced to meet my swim-partner James. We asked him to join us to round out a 4-sum and he gladly accepted too, looking lecherously at Winnie. We selected a 4-way tape and went on to the booth, giggling like school-children all the way. The instant we were in the room, I turned to Maria and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on her. I gave her lots of tongue and fondled her tits at the same time. Then I pulled her blouse over her head and put it on the chair by the door. I un-snapped her bra and it joined the blouse. As her nips hit the air they became hard and prominent as bullets, and I pressed my lips to them in homage. In the meantime I reached under her skirt and found her panties to be sopping already. I un-wrapped her skirt and it too joined the other items on the chair. I then abruptly snatched her panties down to her ankles and gently pushed her back on the couch. I then removed the panties altogether and threw them on the chair. I spread her thighs and, removing my dentures and putting them in my pocket, I proceeded to nubble her cunny. I looked up to see James repeating the same proceedure with Winnie, so I guided Maria's attention to them. I inserted two fingers in Maria's free-flowing cunt and frigged her as we watched the other two lovers undressing. When Winnie's beaver came into view I gasped at the sheer beauty and density of it. It was a positive billow of black, curly hair, and I reached compulsivly reached out to touch it. As I had hoped it was fine and soft, and I longed to taste of it right then. Her tits were the same size as Maria's but broader and flatter once free of her bra. I went back to sucking Maria, but kept a keen eye on the James and Winnie as I brought Maria to a gut-wrenching cum. He fondled and pinched her tits as I was doing to Maria, and we both got moans of pleasure for our efforts. I watched James sucking Winnie and wished our positions were reversed. (This last brought a sharp intake of breath from Maria.) James had probably not had sex in a long time, as
he mounted Winnie right then and started pumping furiously in her now-sopping cunt, making squishy sounds and evoking much groaning and whimpering. I started to time my thrusts in Maria's twat to match theirs and the effect was both pleasing and exciting. James looked at me and, seeing my eyes glued to their connection, silently mouthed the word switch - I nodded happily and dismounted. Maria's eyes opened abruptly and when she saw James's rampant cock approaching her cunny made no move or sound to stop it. I watched with glee and lust as his considerable tool spread her lips and plunged in full-length with a single stroke. I turned to Winnie who had a particularly naughty grin on her face and plunged my mouth into her grotto. I was making sufficient noises at my pleasurable task as to cause all to stop and watch. When I had had a goodly ration of Winnie's cuntal juices, I assumed the thrust position, aimed my cock at her cunt-lips and thrust home. Her snatch was not at all as tight as Maria's due to two children, but had many folds, ridges and nodules providing comfort to a visiting Willie One Eye. After almost 3/4 of an hour of thrust and parry it was the brink for us all. I pulled out and deposited a considerable load on Winnie and then diverted to Maria's belly for the remainder. James shared his load in like fashion, and then we all sat back and basked in the after-glow of our activity. I was between the ladies so I got to fondle them and, more importantly, gaze upon their recently-used charms. I was immediately struck by the fact that Maria's lips were protruding a great deal further than I had seen them before. Winnie's fabulous bush fair reeked with cum, and she had a smug look of self-satisfaction on her lovely face. At the end of the trip, as we were coming into town Maria asked me to go to the bookstore and get a dildo and vibrator like hers to give to Winnie. I conplied and later that week we delivered them to her. She was agog since she had only seen photos of one in a catalog someone sent her. The week following that I asked for and recieved permission to make an XXX video in our bedroom. The week following that I asked for and recieved permission to have Winnie take pictures of Maria and I making love on her (Winnie's) couch. The week following the shoot I showed Winnie a set of the photos she had shot and she got flustered and swore never to do it again. Understand both ladies are Sunday-School-Teacher types and sex is not to be openly discussed. We still see Winnie regularly and I still want to suck and fuck her and Maria knows it, but will not consent to even let me ask Winnie if she would like to have me suck her to orgasm(s.) The bra-flash is of them with Maria in front.

love2eatatthey2 61M
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9/26/2007 1:03 pm

Would love to taste both of these ladies!!!

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