the worst job in the world  

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12/17/2005 5:55 am

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the worst job in the world

i without a shadow of a doubt have the hardest job in america. For 7 years i served my country in peacekeeping deployments in europe. i am a paratrooper and have completed 65 jumps from aircrafts. if spent countless nights sleeping in the cold, rain, and mud. ran minimal for 4 miles a day, 5 days a week for that time. i've spent 2 deployments in both combat zones of iraq and afghanistan. i was also shot at on several occations, and that was the fun part, id do it all again in a heart beat. that was not the hardest job. now i am an army recruiter. plucked from my happiness of airborne infantry to talk to young men and women about how the army can help them achieve their goals. and to top that off, im doing it during a time of war; even better is im recruiting in the boston area. could i get even more hosed than that? sure, i get to go home everynight, sleep in my own bed, eat 3 meals a day everyday. who cares, i have to talk to people about something that they dont want to hear. granted i am successful, i have put quite a few people in during my first year, but that doesnt mean shit. i would rather be in harms way again, over in that combat zone getting shot at. it was less stressful. this is not a lie, i had more fun over there, i was doing what i loved to do, and i was damn good at it. now im in a place that i hate, doing a job that i hate even more. the good news is that i have less than 2 years left. thank friggin god. after this is over im going back to NC to do the good shit again for another 4 years. and i cant wait! so before you get on the phone and yell at me for calling you, please remember that im not doing it cause i like it, im doing it cause i have to. so anyone want to join? lol. alrigt, where are the ladies at?!

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12/17/2005 7:35 am

Despite your current situation, I thank you for what you did and do. Our ability to sit on our butts and surf websites, and hold down normal lives is protected and made possible by people like you and I for one am humbled by your service and honor your committment. When it was my turn in the 60's I "snuck" into the Marines (Asthma, bad vision and flat feet, but I signed up anyway) and actually made it through over ten of the thirteen weeks at Parris before my aliments caught up with me. the Gas Cahmbers took its toll on my lungs and I didn't survive the Crucible... then the other branches wouldn't have me, either... Now that my lungs are better and I've had LASIK for my eyes, I'm too old - they didn't even want me in Iraq as a civilian contractor last year!
Regardless, I am glad you're safe and in one piece, and able to think about getting laid instead of shot tonight.
Be well - you're a hero...

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