4 sum fun  

mistresspaige 42F
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9/4/2006 2:03 am

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4 sum fun

After my first bi swing episode, I was quite sure nothing could top it, I had never orgasmed as strongly as I did that night, I caught chills just thinking about it. It's been a couple of month's since visiting mom's, so I ventured into ENY Brooklyn,the visit with mom's was nice as usual,I left 5 hours later and decided to visit some of my peeps in the hood, I was cautious when entering certain buildings in th Bama's, there where some grimey ass cats out here. I caught up with my old crew at this shawty named Mimi crib, her crib was the get high spot 24/7, if you had weed or brews and nowhere to chill, just go there, All of my boy's where up there chilling getting fucked up, I chilled for a minute then boumced, one of the fellas left when I did and asked what was I getting into, I told him about my (Female Freak Crew) minus the strapons, of course he wanted to hang, so we bounced out of the hood back out to quiet queens, it was the post office payday once again so we stopped by the watering hole, the place was packed and my crew was there. I introduced my boy to the ladies and they sized him up and went in for the kill, I didn't mind rolling with him because he talked as much shit as I did, and I knew from experience he could handle the crew,Me and my boy where tag team masters in the hood, we made plenty of chicks walk funny for a few day's, lol. The convo turned to sex real quick and before I knew it, Dana was telling my boy she would go down on him, stick her finger in his ass and have him cuumming in under 10 minutes, I was the one who spoke up first and said My dog get's down for his, the crew looked at me and then him and said oh really, we have to see about that. Chris grabbed my hand and lead me towards the jukebox, have you told your boy about all that's been going on, everything except the strapon shit I said, do you think he will go for that,he looks like he would fuck someone up if they tried that shit on him, with a room full of sexy ladies he'd be doomed, he didn't comment when Dana mentioned the finger in his ass so who know's.

After several hours of drinking the bar stated to clear out, Dana and Chris asked if I could drop them off and we where out. Dana got in the back with my boy and before we where 2 blocks from the club she had his pants around his ankles giving him head, I pulled over on a quiet dark block and Chris started sucking my dick, from the sounds my boy was making I knew Dana had one maybe two fingers deep in his ass while she deepthroated him, he was squirming and holding the back of my seat, Chris sat up to observe as well, this was hot, the Jeep was rocking, the window's steamed up and the sounds where those straight out of a porno, my boy was grunting and and Dana was gagging, Chris said fuck this shit, I'm hot as hell, Dana let's call out fot tomorrow go get a room and get our freak on, just to make sure this episode was gonna go the way she planned, Dana raised my boy's legs up so she could lick his ass, grabbed my hand interlocked her fingers with mine and we both started stroking his dick, I was hoping he didn't open his eye's and flip the fuck out, i would never be able to visit the hood if he did, he did open his eyes and said yo whatever happens in Queens better stay in Queens and the onlly thing I'm not down with is you fucking me, I said deal, everyone straightened therir clothes out and to the Kew Motor Inn we went,this ought to be some serious freak shit, especially if the mirror room is available! Part 7 cuuummming up!

ChocPhatClitGurl 49F

12/22/2006 9:17 am

I would have wanted to wtch that hit

ChocPhatClitGurl 49F

12/22/2006 9:18 am

I would have wanted to watch that shit

strapon_envy 55M
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4/16/2009 6:12 pm

all I can say is ... wow!

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