Like never before!  

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3/5/2006 11:03 pm

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Like never before!


Could it be the feeling that sometimes will led to Love?
Could it be that wonderful craving you have when you
just know that in your heart and mind, you've met the
one person that will be like no other?
The one person that is perfect! And in every way.
You give everything! Just to be with this person.
Your happy beyond belief!
So you plan your entire life around this person.
Isn't it funny how a little Crush has led you to the
Love of a Lifetime?

Then as we grow older and live a lot,
we learn that, we never really loved that person.
Well, maybe in the beginning!

After a few years, and a couple more relationships.
It's time to settle down again.

Cause now you finally found the one that will be like no other!
The most beautiful person you will ever meet.
You constantly reassure yourself, even to the point of making
a list, just how perfect this person is for you.
And your sex life is incredible!
You love this person more than anyone ever before.
You just know that you can't ever feel this way
about anyone ever again.

Isn't it funny how raw emotion has a tendency
to make a person see the world thru Rose Colored Glasses?
And all the little things get overlooked as being so trivial.


Could it be the feeling's you have when you find out that the
person you loved more than ever before is cheating on you?
Could it be that terrible feeling you have when
everything you have ever felt is gone?
And no apology will ever do.
That person that you gave so much of your life to,
was really someone you really never knew.

Your heart has been torn apart, and you know that you
can never feel this way about anyone ever again.
Cause now your older and no one wants an old person.
Gee, at least I'm told 40 is old.
You know in your heart, that the one that you had was it.

In Brief, because I know many that have been there!

We learn a lot as we age, and we not only get older,
but we also grow wiser.
As our hearts heal we realize, we never really loved that person.
Well, maybe in the beginning!

Then we look back at all the warning signs, and see!
It wasn't them, it was me!

As we age we learn to give more of ourselves,
and learn how to love more.
Like never before!

So it isn't the person you thought you loved, that was so special.
It is you! You’re the special one.
It wasn't you that lost, it was them!

Just know that there's many others on this same boat,
and they are older, and wiser, with more love than ever before.
Like myself, I even cry at times I love so much!
Like never before!

This is to a very special friend!

MelonPubesPayee 54F

4/4/2006 1:55 pm

Wow. Its nice to know other People as the grow older learn and get wiser..And that both can lose but as long as we learn we grow..

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