A Poem of Friendship!  

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3/30/2006 1:09 pm

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A Poem of Friendship!

A Poem of Friendship!

As I sit and ponder, where on this earth will I be.
I'm looking at your picture, one of beauty, you gave to me.
Though my heart is still I wonder, can I try to once again.
Given a chance I pray, to be happy just once again.

Phyllis your such an Angel, God has sent to me this day.
Just a sense of your forgiveness, helps me in every way.
May your heart be filled with Joy, wanting more all the time.
Friends that last a lifetime, are true friends all the time.

Sometimes I sit and listen, to a voice that start's to fuss.
Asking just one question, will time be right for us.
Cause heart's grow like a flower, or they can wilt and die.
Or will they grow forever, without a chance to die.

I hope it's ok for friends to have feeling's!

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