its only getting better  

mister_1973 44M
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4/16/2006 10:58 pm
its only getting better

hi there
well it has been a very hot weekend here in amsterdam.
friday i met a very cool,loving and horny couple. we met on the chat room a few weeks ago and friday we met at "sameplace" (an erotic bar in amsterdam). it was so cool to meet dutch people at last from this site. after they kicked us out of the cafe at 4 am we went to there house. it was was so dam hot. he has a great cock (big and thick) and she is so fucking amazing. she squirted time after time. came home at 9 am, went to bed with a big smile.
saterday night went again to "sameplace" they had a fetish party, met there a nice SM couple i know. what realy turned me on was when she blindfolded me and they played with me like a toy.not knowing who is sucking my cock or whom is watching blowed my mind away. when she took my blindfold of i saw a whole group of people standing around and watching.
thinking of organizing a party at "sameplace" for AdultFriendFinder members. think it will be in july or august. let me know if you are interested in comming.
thats about all for this time, take care and keep it up !!

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