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8/29/2005 2:44 pm

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fist blog here we go

hi to you all.
its Monday night and it is still difficult to relax from this hot weekend that I had.
last week Saturday I met a very nice couple at a fetish party ended up playing. she Dom and he is very sub (slut).
after that nice party we chatted and sms and all the rest.
last Saturday night we went with some common friends to a club in the city. was nice to meet then in a " normal club " . we had good fun and the location was great if you are ever in Amsterdam check it out STUDIO 80.
the real fun started at 0300 when the club closed. we went with a small group to a private afterparty in a swingers cafe was so nice to play with nice people around you. I am new as sub and I liked it very much. was with friends and it felt good and safe. girls I do like to take control I love it ,which one French babe on the sling won't forget.
I am new to this site and I will get some good pic of me soon here.
take care and have fun

PS my piercing is now 7 days old and doing good

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