Reminiscing about art class  

missntheaction 47M
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9/11/2006 3:42 pm
Reminiscing about art class

In grade-school, art class was a lot of fun… and usually pretty messy. Finger paints were the best! Somewhere along the way, art got a little more serious, probably about the time I “noticed” girls. High school came along, and with it, the nude model. WOW! Nudity, during school, and my parents approved! How cool is that!

Sitting there, drawing or painting from a nude model is incredible. With each stroke of the pencil, you get to know the model a little better… this is the curve of the hip, this is where that lock of hair almost hides the curve of the breast where it meets the chest. Without touching, only looking, every shape, texture and color becomes more familiar, because you are really looking, and creating what you see again on the paper in front of you. It is easy to forget that the model is usually anonymous; all you know of them is derived from what you see.

For me, I always found it a challenge to remain detached. The older I’ve gotten, the more that stroke of pencil on paper has taken on the feel of a caress, as if my hand is touching that curve of the models hip, rather than drawing it. With particularly beautiful models, all of the senses get involved, and it’s as if my Galatea comes alive on the page, and like Pygmalion, I fall in love with what I’ve created.

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