Huge Art Class Fantasy... sorry, it's a long read :)  

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Huge Art Class Fantasy... sorry, it's a long read :)

A few years ago, instead of falling in love with a figment of my imagination, I fell in love with another artist. SHE was explosively talented, and SHE sought to inspire others too, so SHE taught, both teens and adults, but always about freedom and passion. Often, I’d sit in, and participate in some of the classes, and sometimes model for them.

Classes were in SHE’s home studio, and occasionally she asked me to model nude. One night for a special class (after I had told her about my views of drawing from models), SHE wanted me to just relax, and to go with the mood of whatever was going to happen. SHE gave me a kiss, undressed me, and sat me down next to a very thick pillow, and pushed me back on top of it. SHE draped over top of me, as I laid perfectly still, the thinnest silk sheet. I could just see the outline of the shapes around me through the silk. Minutes later, the unusually small class arrived: 5 of her women students. SHE walked around the class, setting up easels, pouring wine for the class (another innovation for tonight). Everyone settled in, sipping wine, a little small talk, and SHE started in on the “lesson.”

SHE started by explaining that when drawing from a model, we tend to “see” what we expect, not what is there (thus the drape over me), and that focusing on light and shadow, we can actually see the form underneath, without seeing the arm, leg, hip, etc. Our minds play tricks on us, SHE said, not our eyes or hands. So I stayed still, as a good model is wont to do, and the artists drew, until SHE announced “next pose”. SHE came over to me, and leaned into my ear and whispered “completely relax.” Grabbing first my arm, and then chest, then legs, SHE moved me into another position, for me to stay in for the next drawing exercise. SHE had pulled me up onto the pillow, hips centered on it, so my back was arched, head on the ground, both legs slightly apart, a reclining variation of Vetruvian Man. With my head to one side, I could see the legs of three of her students, standing around me. Nice figures, each of them, which is really all I could see. In such a pose, I felt a little more exposed than I ever had when modeling nude before, even with the sheer silk over me.

“You can see how the light hits the sheet, showing everything underneath” SHE pointed out, running her hand along my arm to my chest, pointing out the shadows and highlights. Her hand ran down my chest, and reaching my penis, gave it a little squeeze while SHE spoke about shadows. In doing so, SHE had tucked the silk around my cock, completely defining its shape, rather than hiding it under the silk. With the wine flowing while the students worked, became more like a calm party than a classroom. After her last unexpected adjustment, the women were commenting to each other just how the shadows really defined the “shape” of the model, me. I thought I heard at least one giggle.

For the next exercise, SHE told the class that they could move the model however they wanted, but they would work together to do so. In order to understand the shape of a human body, you had to understand how it moved, and how it was put together. SHE chose two from the class, and I could just barely see them walking over to me throught the silk over my head. Repeating tonight’s mantra in my ear, “relax,” SHE had the two volunteers lift one of my arms, one holding the elbow up, the other bending the forearm front and back, gently twisting my wrist one way, then the other, as I laid as limply as I could.

SHE called the others to participate, and I was a doll in their hands. Talking the whole time about understanding how a body moves, they moved me. With only the silk sheet between us, the women ran their hands over me, moving this, adjusting that. At first, they just moved my arms and legs, seeing how they bent and twisted. Then one woman, kneeling by my head, pulled me up by my shoulders, and knelt behind me, leaning my head against her breasts. Her hands ran over my face, turned my head this way and that. Two others pulled my chest forward away from her a little, and my head gently fell back rubbing her chest. Cradling my neck, the woman bent over, and kissed me through the silk. All of their hands touched me, moved me, and stroked me to understand how I was built. The diffused light came through the sheet, and I could just make out the shapes, hear their talking and laughs, smell the chemical smells of paint and supplies mixed in with the clean and musky smells of the women around me. It was exciting to be the center of attention for these women, and the longer they played, the harder I got.

SHE directed the women to tighten the sheet around me, and as they moved me this way and that, the sheet was pulled tight around each of my legs, then each of my arms, and around my head. One woman, I don’t know if it was SHE or a student, even wrapped the sheet around my balls and my cock. Now that they had put me back onto my back, arms and legs outspread, my wrapped cock was standing straight up. SHE said that she didn’t have anything else to teach for the night, so they could do what they wanted… stay and draw or pack up for the night.

The first student slung her artbag over her shoulder, came over to me, and stroked my cock a few times, before heading to the door. The second came over and took my cloth-clad erection into her mouth, a light bite sliding once down and back up. I thought that each would do something playful like that, before leaving class, but while this student teased my cock, another came and straddled one hand, and with hers, guided my fingers up and into her under her skirt. SHE bent over next to my head, repeated “relax” again, convincing me to let them move me as they had in the earlier excercise. I could just see her take off her top, and she bent over again, letting her nipple trace over the silk touching my lips. Another woman had taken my other hand, rubbing it over her hips and butt, pushing my silken fingers in and out of her ass. Two more were straddling each thigh, rocking back and forth, one holding the silk that held my balls, the other the silk that wrapped my cock.

I don’t know where it came from, but I could hear and feel a condom pulled down over the silk sheet. Almost as soon as it was down, one woman was on me, throwing herself down again and again. “Relax” was whispered in my ear again, and SHE lifted my head up onto her knees so I could see the shadowy students that used me. My hands were still tools for the women on the left and right, when the woman riding me screamed in pleasure and sat still, all of her weight grinding down on me. “Relax,” SHE kept whispering, as some sort of command not to explode, and somehow I didn’t. The woman straddling me eased off, and laid nearby, and her place was taken by my left hand, or rather the woman who used my left hand as her own. The condom was replaced, and then she finished herself off, using me as a life-sized doll. Each student took her turn climaxing all over me, with SHE whispering again and again in my ear “relax.” Somehow I stayed wherever they had left me, arms outflung, and cock straight up.

When the last student lay gasping next to me, and the early comers back at their easels, SHE eased my head back to the ground, removed the last condom from me, and pulled up the soaked silk sheet until my whole body was revealed, but the sheet bundled over just my eyes. With nothing between us, she pushed herself down onto me, taking her turn. She stretched out on top of me, head next to mine, sweat dripping down her chest onto mine. Her hips barely moved in a slow grind that lasted forever. I could hear the students drawing again, the scritch of the pencils on paper, but only just barely between SHE’s slow intakes of breath. I was as still as I had been, but my breathing was getting faster, and her hips oscillated harder and faster too. It was hard to stay as I was, and my arms started to come up around her. She stopped for the breath that sounded like “relax” and pushed my arms back down, before the grind started back up. Suddenly she arched her back, sat straight up, arms up, hands in her hair, and pounded me like the others before her, letting out a gutteral grunt each time, until she collapsed next to me.

As soon as she had slid off, all of the students were around me again, lips hungrily on mine, hands touching me everywhere, jerking me off, multiple tongues licking the tip of my cock. My whole body was shaking from the effort to finally come, when it had been so long trying not to. My heart pounded, and a woman sat across my face, and my head came up, my tongue jabbing deeply into her dripping pussy. My hands grabbed out, finding breasts to squeeze, nipples to pinch, hotness and wetness. SHE had recovered and pushed the students off of me, and mounted me again. I pounded up into her with each uncontrollable bodily convulsion, again and again and again. SHE tore the silk from my eyes, and looking up at her, my eyes rolled back into my head and I started to scream as my orgasm took me over in one final backbreaking spasm. SHE jumped up from me as fast as she could as my control finally gave out. My cum shot up into the air, striking her legs where SHE stood above me, but most of the torrent fell right back down on me.

Exhausted, I lay still, panting, smaller spasms spilling more of my own juices all over me. SHE let the students come back over, and each scraped her share of the still warm cum into a small jar filled with red powder. Standing over me with streaks of my cum dripping down her leges, she watched with approval as each student mixed the cum and powder into a thick red paint. Each of the women kissed me lightly on the lips, thanked me, and packed up to go. SHE and I hadn’t moved, me panting spread eagle on the floor, her standing like a goddess smirking down at me.

As the satisfied students gathered by the door, over the laughter of her peers, one asked when they’d have this class again. SHE looked down at me and smiled slyly, and as clearly as I could, I announced “really soon.”

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Wow, this art class fantasy got a lot longer than I expected!

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