Location, Location , Location !!  

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3/29/2006 6:18 pm

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Location, Location , Location !!

This is a real story about the most exciting place I have had sex to date. In addition to the place it was with a total stranger. So this is a memory that still makes my toes tingle !!

One year during the Black Hills Bike Rally I was hanging out in Hewlett awaiting the festivities of their famous "Hammajam." I was being completely innocent in my cut offs and halter top when a very nice, very young biker approached me. After talking a few minutes and exchanging names (they weren't even real) he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. It was an extremely hot day and the ride was refreshing. The wind cooled me and I allowed my long auburn hair to whip freely behind me. I felt totally free. I watched my companion become one with his machine. His muscles rippled as he controlled the power of the beast speeding around corners in the open countryside. Being a seasoned passenger I melded in with machine and man as well feeling the power of the bike and the man controlling it. I ran my hands along his abs tracing a perfect six pack with my fingers. My excitement mounting I continued up his body to his chest, caressing his muscles and teasing his nipples. I teased my chauffeur in this way until we became engulfed in traffic just outside the monument's entrance. Suddenly we were apart of a sea of roaring machines. Once parked we decided to hike the long trail around the great mountain. As we did we watched birds soar around and climbers hold onto the tower and we teased each other. Every time we were away from people we stole a caress. Around one corner his hands squeezing my breast. Around another corner and I was feeling the roundness of his ass. Around another corner his hands were down my shorts. The teasing became maddening. Without warning he grabbed my hand a pulled me off the trail. I resisted just enough to make it interesting. Down a little ridge next to a small clump of trees he stopped. He turned to me and in a quick smooth movement unsnapped my short exposing my sex to the world. He fallowed the garment to the ground kneeling before me. He parted my rose pedals and gave my swollen Clint a few quick licks. My juices dripped with excitement. We quickly traded places. Now I was kneeling before him tugging his long jeans down to his knees reveling a long thick shaft purple with excitement. I sucked the length of his cock sliding him all the way in my mouth. He moaned quietly and his tool grew even larger as I stroked him. He helped me back to my feet and bent me over a large rock. I shuddered with anticipation. As he positioned himself behind me I listened to the voices not a hundred yards away. Two young kids playing, men talking, a woman noisily pointing out claimers on the face of the rock, and a dog barking. The danger of being caught was very real. Then as he slowly slid his long throbbing shaft inside me the voices swirled together. He stroked my deep wet pussy a couple times slow and easy and then as a desperation swelled inside him he began pounding me hard. The breeze was cool in the shadow of the tower and it blew across out mostly exposed bodies. He pounded harder and harder, in and out with a furious force. We both bite our lips to keep from yelling out. Both aware of the danger, aware of the risk. The voices seemed to get closure as we started closing on out climax. Any second someone could come over that ridge and see us. I could feel his desperate need to release his seed. I told him I was ready, hoping I didn't speak too loud ! As I was hitting my climax I remembered the Native American stories about Devils Tower and how it is home of a great spirit. I pictured this spirit looking down on me. Suddenly three things happened at once, the male mounting me pounded deep inside me with one last animal like trust moaning his release, a cool wind tickled my wet flower,and hit a powerful climax. To this day Devil's Tower remains a spiritual place for me but not for the same reasons the Indians hold it dear.

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Out standing..well written... made wish I was the biker.. you might want to put these in the magazine too..



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