Tonights THE night [Friday Aug.26 2005]  

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8/26/2005 4:21 pm

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Tonights THE night [Friday Aug.26 2005]

After a week of not seeing each other BUT keeping in contact by telephone, e-mail and text messege I am going to HIS HOUSE for movies, pizza and what ever happens...............I'm nervous, excited and hopeful. Two of my past dates[ that became friends after stricking out at more] have advised me to #1 drink only 3 beers and #2 do not have sex with him YET!!! I really like this guy and will follow my gut for drinking well he did buy a 12 pack!!!!!I'll up date tomorrow. ~~JAN~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UP DATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He said I have beautiful "BLUE eye's".. my eyes are BROWN.....Last week he was looking for "LONG TERM"... this week He wants to "DATE AROUND"...Sooooooooo I'm just a little confused...What will I do? I'll Wait and see IF he contacts me again and then take it from there. AND they say FEMALES hold all the cards...YEA RIGHT!!!
Another one BITES the dust
This one decided he wants to date around for awhile before deciding on one female to see alll the time. Sure wish he had been honest to start out with and not lied about wanting a long term it's back to blind dating again! I will not give up!!!!!!!!!

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11/21/2005 6:02 am

You know what mamma said about free milk.

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