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She was a knockout! She was sitting on the floor mending
a throw rug when I got there and I sat on the couch chatting
with her while Hal worked somewhere at the other end of the
house. She was trim and shapely with a sweet pair of titties
and a head of blonde hair. Her face was pleasant to look at
if not beautiful, and she had a feminine grace about her
that just did a number on me. This 40 year old woman was just
twice my age--easily old enough to be my mother, but I was
experiencing some very un-motherly thoughts about her
as I drank in her allure.

She was wearing a pair of snug fitting red shorts and a halter
top that revealed a trim little waist and a nicely proportioned
pair of breasts. Her legs were shapely, firm and lightly
tanned. Her feet were bare and her toenails were painted
red. She couldn't have been more appealing to me if
she had been sitting there nude.

We talked quietly about something that I forgot probably
later that same day, but as I write this, decades later,
I have not forgotten even one detail about how that woman
dressed and looked. I was hooked.

A day later, when she again called, my pulse increased noticeably
when I first heard her voice. Before I hung up, she had invited
me to her place for dinner. She never called again for Hal,
and she called many times. As a matter of fact, Hal moved
out shortly to go live with my old girlfriend that I had introduced
him to. (He later married her and their marriage lasted
for a few years before they split and I ran into Jayne again--but
that's another story.)

Susan's house was cute. No other word for it--cute.
It had varnished wood ceilings and had the general feel
of a ski lodge. I loved the place immediately. It took a only
bit longer to love Susan as we shall see. The setting was
perfect. Checkered tablecloth, candles burning, wonderful
tasty meal a beautiful woman moving with the grace of a dancer
to pamper me with attention. The outcome could have been
chiseled in stone--it was classic.

It didn't take long before we were on the couch and she
must have been reading my mind because when I wanted to reach
for her, she just glided into my arms. She was wearing a white
blouse that buttoned up the front--and unbuttoned down
the front. As we kissed she leaned back and pulled me on top
of her and my face ended up almost buried in one of her lovely
breasts. As if by magic my hand seemed float over her blouse
and cup that gorgeous lobe. She was very helpful and opened
some buttons to allow me closer access to her breast. At
my tender age I had not yet met a woman like Susan. The girls,
not women, that I was accustomed to going out with tended
to guard their sexuality as though it was the crown jewels.
A long and careful campaign to achieve small advances was
the norm in my past exposure and Susan was a thrilling new
experience for me. She was leading me all the way, I was like
a kitten being drawn to a plate of warm milk.

When the bra came off, and the thrill of seeing her beautiful
breast in all it's curvaceous glory had set my hormones
coursing through my body, I noticed that she was wearing
a padded bra. I clumsily said something about her bra being
padded and why did she think that such perfect breasts needed
any help. She said for me to wait a moment and she walked into
the next room. Moments later she returned--wearing only
a shortie nightgown--and the offending bra was gone!

If there had been any doubt as to the probable outcome of
this evening, it vanished at just the moment that the sexiest
thing that I had ever seen moved into my view. The candlelight
danced off the sheer material of her nightie. She knew just
what an effect she was having on me as she hesitated in the
soft light long enough to let her image do it's thrilling
work on me.

At that point I suggested that we find more comfortable
surroundings and she led me to what was going to be our love
nest for that night and for many nights to come. This gracious
and talented woman had an ability that few other women have
possessed in my experience; she managed to make our entire
evening flow so naturally that I never had a moment of self-consciousness
or clumsiness. She led me to her bed and helped me undress
so skillfully that our mutual nakedness seemed magical,
wonderful and oh, so easy.

She was just perfect. Her breasts were what I had always
dreamed of as the perfect expression of feminine allure.
The were perfectly shaped and perfectly sized, with classic
nipples that were standing proud and pert. Her skin was
smooth and beautiful. Her waist was tiny and her belly had
a slight rounding that was one more expression of her powerful
sexuality. The triangle of dark pubic hair was absolutely
perfect and her nicely rounded butt just begged to be petted
and stroked.

I had a flaming hard on that pulsed with excitement. I had
been skillfully seduced by a feminine power so overwhelming
that nothing could have stopped what was about to ensue
that wonderful evening. That woman had decided that I was
to become her sex toy and she had the power to make it happen
regardless of any consideration on my part. If I had been
going with some other sweet thing, the sweet thing would
have been forgotten, if my fortune had hung in the balance,
the fortune would have been mortgaged. At that point I would
have walked over hot coals to get at her.

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