~I had to pinch myself~  

MartsPudicInked 48F
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4/11/2006 6:01 pm

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4/12/2006 7:31 pm

~I had to pinch myself~

Woke up last night around 4.30am from such a powerful and *real* like dream...

I was with child..lol...carried high!(a girl if we believe those type of sayings)

Delivery was a snap! yeah right! Well in my dream it wasDid not even break a slight sweat!HAHA!

Everything about the dream felt so right,as in this is where i will be in life if god is willing,and body capable

I think and hope this is my year to bloom


sona si latine loqueris

fantasylover_05 63M

4/12/2006 6:12 am

My Dearest Sweet Ming

I would be happy to "practice" making one with you!!!

(does this mean you have a candidate all selected?)

timo-timo 69M

4/12/2006 7:43 am

From the first, I saw you raising a girl-child as well, which is interesting....but I've been wrong before in this regard!! LOL.

The Dream does not lie....It IS right....

This IS your year....And you can feel it in wordless places within yourself...so believe with you mind what you soul knows already

It is time to release the past, and embrace the fresh newness of new life all around you, and within you....

Spring is such a perfect time to plant seeds in the garden is it not?

How we all wish to surround you with warm comforting sensual love and praise. Soon perhaps, you'll grace us with wonderful pregnant orgasms. Sooo good for the baby to bask in.


diesel_118 34M

4/12/2006 12:23 pm

I like that. I find it imbountable oh yea by the way take a pic up close between ur legs so I can get a better view of that kitty lol -Diesel-

rm_Fritz104 58M
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4/12/2006 3:40 pm

The ultimate gift of love......new life.....planting the seed that makes it possible..watching your face glow as it grows......watching your breasts come to their fullness in anticipation for what awaits them...spooning and reaching around you and feeling you and feeling it move beneath my hand...beautiful....a true gift...let ME plant the seed..........

MyRealLoverOne 47M

4/12/2006 7:23 pm

I had that same dream once, but it never came true....

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