3 - part two  

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3 - part two

…part two, by Eldro Rolod

We arrived in Virginia Beach and, after several comical attempts to follow Amy’s poor directions we gave Amy a call to have her “talk us in.” I made the call so Jenn could concentrate on the road. Amy had a very sultry voice. She almost sounded as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep, but after talking to her for a few minutes I realized it was just the way she spoke.

Once we found an open parking spot at Amy’s complex, we seemed to sink in our seats, happy the long drive was finally over. I don’t think either of us felt the energy to just jump out and start hauling in the luggage. But, eventually, after a couple of minutes of chit-chat, Jenn again took the lead and patted me on my left thigh saying, “Ok, Lover, lets get the hard part over with.”

Amy came down the stairs from her second floor apartment and immediately dove in to help carry all the bags. She wore a simple pair of pajama pants and a loose fitting tank-top that swayed when she walked, making it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Amy is one of those women who you wouldn’t think of taking a second glance at under normal circumstances. She was slightly plump, her hair was all a mess and she wore no make-up. But, something about her made you look more closely. It was the way she moved. It was the way she carried herself and the way she walked. She had total confidence and poise. Although looking like she just crawled out of bed, she had a sensual nature about her that was unmistakable.

As Amy grabbed Jenn’s overnight bag, which now contained the dildo, still sticky with my juices, Jenn quickly said, “Amy, Lora. Lora, Amy. There, now that that is out of the way, lets get inside so I can stretch out.” Amy gave Jenn a peck on the cheek, touched her cheek to mine in a form of greeting, then we all trotted upstairs loaded down with the bags.

We all sat on her long, cushy sofa chatting for almost two hours. Amy brought out the bottle of wine she claimed to have saved from some party and we all sipped through two glasses of the sweet red liquid. Amy had an additional small glass of wine before announcing that three weeks was plenty of time to catch up, so we should all get some rest.

Jenn helped Amy pull out the sofa bed and the three of us placed the fresh smelling sheets across the thin mattress. Fluffy pillows were tossed from a hall closet and from that moment, the semi-uncomfortable bed seemed to be calling for me. Amy gave us both a peck on the cheek and trotted off to her room, closing the door behind her.

Jenn and I contemplated showering before falling into the bed, but then decided to fore-go the shower and worry about it in the morning. Jenn was the first to fumble around for the right bag which had her night-shirt tucked away inside. After a moment she seemed to get frustrated with the search, so she just started removing her clothes. She stripped down completely, and just as her panties hit the floor, she fell into the bed and quickly pulled the covers over her. I turned my back to her and did the same, struggling to get my top over my head without turning toward her, feeling self-conscious suddenly.

As my bras clasp opened and I slid the shoulder straps off, I felt Jenn’s warm hand at the small of my back. She simply brushed her fingertips across my flesh, so softly I wasn’t sure if it actually happened at first. Then, as I began sliding my skirt down my thighs, I felt her tuck her hand into the back and assist the fabric in its journey over my ass. As the skirt fell, her hand went to my right ass-cheek, tracing a long line from the small of my back down to the crease of skin between my ass and the back of my leg. I instantly became creamy, shivered with pleasure, and broke out in goose-bumps all over my body. Quickly I turned and fell into the bed grabbing for the covers.

Jenn let me cover myself then slowly glided across the sheets until her body was pressed against my side. The warmth of her body seemed to cause the goose-bumps to fade slowly. Her breasts were against my upper arm with my elbow neatly tucked between them. Her breasts aren’t large, but they seemed to fit into the recesses of my own body perfectly in this position. Her right nipple brushed against my bicep as she adjusted herself slightly, its firmness telling me silently of her own arousal. My own nipples responded by tightening up and pressing against the sheet draped over my chest. Only at that moment did I seem to realize how aroused Jenn must have still been from our exploration in the car. I suddenly felt sympathetic to her needs. I wanted to please her, but, I wasn’t sure how. Having never been with a woman, my only point of reference were a few images from pornographic videos I had briefly seen over the years. I wasn’t sure what to do next.

“You’re nervous. Would you rather we just go to sleep? Its ok if that’s what you want.” Jenn whispered in my ear, her breath warming the side of my face.

“No, please… stay here close to me. I…. I love the feel of your skin against me.” I sighed as I tried to turn toward her, seeking out her eyes with my own. Once I could focus in the darkness, I could make out her smile. There was a light in her eyes that seemed to completely take away my anxiety. Jenn responded to my words by placing her right hand on my stomach and slowly caressing across my torso, between my breasts, down to my pelvis, then back again. It caused a flow of fluid to begin leaking from between the still swollen lips of my pussy.

As if she could sense my need, she allowed her hand to drift down across my mound, over my aching clit, and down to the moisture between my legs. I moaned, but tried to stifle it, I was afraid that Amy might hear.

Jenn seemed to understand and she lowered her face to mine, pressing her slightly parted lips against my own. My first kiss with a woman sent a jolt of pleasure through my entire body. Her lips were so soft and moist. Her touch was so gentle and caring. Her flesh so enticing and welcoming. It was all I could do to keep from gyrating completely out off of the bed.

Without thought my hand came to the back of her head as we kissed, our tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouths, the wetness crossing our lips and slipping out to the corners of our mouths. Jenn’s hand became more active the more deeply we kissed. Easily she slid a single finger into my pussy while holding her thumb near the hood of my clitoris. Skillfully she manipulated both, synchronizing her motions so that my clit was brushed or pressed against my pelvis when her finger slid inward. On her outward motion the pressure on my clit was released. I was panting as if I had been running for thirty minutes, unable to totally contain my mouth to our kiss, an occasional groan or sigh escaping.

I slid my hand down Jenn’s face, across her neck to her shoulder, then bravely cupped her breast in my hand. Her erect nipple poked through between my middle and ring finger as I softly squeezed and caressed her. Jenn’s motions and breathing began increasing as well, not matching my own, but opposing it. Out mouths remained close, our lips touching softly, but as my breath went out of me, Jenn was inhaling. As Jenn exhaled, I was inhaling. We were breathing each other, living with each others breaths, the sensation was more than I could bare and my first orgasm came without warning, sending warm liquid around Jenn’s finger, down the crack of my ass, and onto the previously spotless sheets.

Feeling the flow of my juices seemed to drive Jenn over the edge. I could tell she was approaching her own orgasm and I hadn’t come close to her pussy yet. Trying to ensure I wouldn’t miss the feel of her orgasm I drove my hand between legs and felt an incredible amount of moisture. So much so that I could feel her juices run between my fingers as she parted her thighs to give me more access. Before I could even determine a proper rhythm to use, she came hard, shoving her hips into my hand, reaching down with her own to press my hand harder against her.

When our quivering ceased, I worked up the courage to ask, “Was that good? That felt really hot.”

“Mmmm” moaned Jenn. “It was wonderful. But,…” She paused as she flicked her tongue against my nipple, then smiled up at me. “…I’m still craving your taste.”

With that whisper, Jenn began sliding down under the covers, tracing a line down my breast, ribs, stomach, and hip until I could feel her hot breath against my monz. I began shaking with anxiety and need as she gently nestled herself below me, parting my legs with her soft hands, and positioned her face just millimeters from my pulsating pussy. Without hesitation, she brought her mouth to me, sucking my stiffened clit between her lips, rolling it under her tongue against my pelvic bone. Instantly my body prepared itself for my next orgasm. My flesh now had total control of me and I could not fight its desires. Instinctively I brought my hands to her head and ran my fingers into her soft hair, clutching a thick patch of it in one hand.

Her actions became faster as she slid a finger into me and slowly curled it upward, seeking that special place she knew was hiding inside. When my hips and ass flexed, bucking upward sharply from some strange, new sensation, she knew she had found it. Moans began vibrating through her mouth, through my clit, and directly into my brain. Within seconds I could no longer contain my juices and they shot out toward her chin as I came hard, grinding her face into me harder with my hands. Expertly she lowered her mouth to my slit and lapped at my cum as it squirted and slid down my engorged pussy-lips. She then removed her finger, curled the end of her tongue, and inserted it into me, the spooning like motions collecting slippery samples of my fluids, then drawing them into her throat. Then her actions became loving. She gave my aching pussy soft, sweet kisses, then rubbed the lips of her mouth against me one more time.

When Jenn raised up and returned to my side, I breathlessly whispered, “Wow! I don’t think I know how to do that.” She giggled openly, appearing unafraid if Amy heard.

“In time, my love. In time. It will come naturally. Don’t push yourself.” Jenn nestled herself against me with her arm across my body, cupping my breast, her thigh draped over my own. Exhausted, we both quickly fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt of such wonderful things that night. Things I needed, wanted, and craved. But they would have to wait.

…to be continued.

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