Getting on top  

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7/18/2005 5:51 pm

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Getting on top

If you're a professional writer, as I am, you are familiar with the term "slush pile." This is the name given to the sliding avalanche of unread manuscripts leaning against an agent's or editor's desk...novels or stories submitted by authors hopeful of that Big Break. It takes a very special story - the next Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter, whatever - to rise to the surface of that pile and be noticed for, at the very least, a thorough reading.

Having been on AdultFriendFinder for a few months, I've come to think of the inbox as a slush pile, of sorts. I have to admit I am overwhelmed by the amount of mail I do receive. I'm hardly Sandra Bullock. I'm hardly Sandra Day O'Connor, but I suppose some people are into that.

Try as I might to respond to everybody, I realize it will not happen. Many times I find myself just glancing at a message before on. As I think more of the slush pile analogy, I feel compelled to theorize on what it would take for somebody on AdultFriendFinder to "get on top," as it were. Get on top of the list, perhaps get on top of something (or someone) later.

Of course, each person will have different requirements, but if I were to set prerequisites, I would offer the following advice if you want a lengthy personal reply from me:

1) Watch spelling. Incorrect spelling brings out the sadistic English teacher in me, and I'm so tempted to whip out my red marker and use it on the screen. Biggest pet peeve, using "u" for "you." Only Prince can get away with that.

I appreciate your message, and I would appreciate it more if you took the time to proofread it before sending. Now, I won't penalize for every single word. If you get "acetylcholinesterase" wrong, I won't fault you. Why you would be using that word in a message, though...

2) Don't ask immediately to see my tits and/or pussy. A simple "Hi, how are you" as an introduction is more welcome. I do appreciate compliments given to me, but I appreciate more a person who take the time to send a pleasant, secular greeting. Assuming you make the reply cut, then you can ask to see my tits. Maybe I will, maybe I won't show.

3) Please, please, PLEASE read the profile before writing. Read the whole thing. Know what I want, know what I am looking for, before you initiate contact. I don't want to waste anybody's time on this site, do the research.

That said, I still have 40 states to witness. Who's next?

funbetweenlegs 63M
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8/25/2005 5:26 pm

Hi MILF2112. I read your blog and found it interesting, especially the wait for blueberry bread. I know the anticipation and I have seldom waited only to end up with slightly hot finger tips. I'll be back again, but not sure when.

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