what i did last nite  

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9/7/2006 3:57 am

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what i did last nite

i was at work...sigh...it was 11pm and i was dead tired...i had chatted with the nice people in the chat room...then it was back to work...

somehow i did not want to go home..i felt restless...and i did not want to disturb anyone...so i decided to go check out the artist's house in Ampang...i sms-ed him and he called me..he seemed thrilled, he was working on some paintings and he said i could come over anytime to his place if i felt bored...he sometimes stays up all nite if he paints

It was funny really...i took the elevated Ampang highway..and ended up in some god forsaken part of town which made me worried...so i took the road back and ended up paying double toll fare for nothing...lol....then i ended up driving into KLCC car park..and could not get out...so..i had to pay the parking fees before i could proceed...lol..

Finally i managed to get to the road that goes to Ampang...the thing about Malaysian Roads is that the signs are in realy bad positions and it was so damm confusing..besides i rarely travel to that part of town..so i was lost again..i decided to stop at a local indian muslim restaurant...there was a lad selling " char Koay Teow"- a real skinny ass malay lad in his early 30s...

he gave me directions and also tried to make a proposition to me..i was annoyed..i think malaysian men at times can be annoying...i guess he saw me as a cash cow and thought i would be willing to get screwed by him...in return he though i would open a restaurant with him and pay for all the capital..he said the usual crap about meeting with him was meant to be and that he is single and lonely...such a chancer..all of this in less than the space of 1 hour of knowing him...but he does cook nice "koay teow"...so i enjoyed my meal- which i paid for...i did however throw away the Hp humber of his which he gave me...

Then i was on the road again...i got lost and confused once more...too many " Ampangs" like.."ampang hilir", "ampang Perdana "and "Pinggiran Ampang"..sigh

I managed to find a police car..lol..they were in the midst of fining someone for speeding...i asked for directions and instead they asked me to follow them in their car and i was shown to the artists house..

I felt weird...at 2am in the morning..here i am at some strange man's house...i decided to sms him and told him it was too late and drove home...it was getting complicated..he sms-ed back- he understood ... he probably know of my fear

he called me this afternoon and we shall be seeing each other this saturday... he seemed very matured about the whole thing...i guess that he can sense that had i gone to his house last nite more than just talking would have happended ... and i do not want to rush things...and i am sure he saw me in my car outside his house..but he is one cool cat

I must be honest here...i am attracted to him...but its not his personality....i hardly know him...its the fact that he is a high profile artist and someone very famous...thats the attraction factor..shallow as it may seem...but thats what i realised...and i do not like how i feel..its not right..seriously not right...

I am sick of having hi- profile lovers...if i do have a lover..it must be for the right reason..not because he is a hi-profile personality..

I think i would rather be platonic friends with him..its more stimulating...and if he wants more...well..its not gonna happen...well at least not for now...then again i am keeping all my options open but my legs closed

Such is life

Ciao Ciao

Lilith Divine

rm_brevity1 51M
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9/7/2006 5:27 pm

Oh well..this was an eclectic adventure. As for the painter, the ball is as usual in your court. You can always control it by choosing how you want to play. You slice, smash, lob, topspin, drop short.. as appropriate..

Have a great day..

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