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9/6/2006 4:36 am

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something from the past

i once dated a very domineering man- he held a hi-profile position...suffice to say it was the worst 12 months of my life...

RSD..i met him at an art gallery function... we were introed by a mutual friend...he followed me all around the art gallery asking my opinions on art...later we had 2 bottles of Dom at the lobby lounge at one of the 5 star hotels here in KL...

we had great conversation and got along that time i was much heavier and was not as liberated sexually as i am now...

anyway...suffice to say that we met a few more times an embassy cocktail reception and later we had dinner and lunch and brunch etc...

he had to leave ... he lives in another ASEAN country with his wife and 2 kids...

he was back again 4 weeks later..this time one thing led to another and we were lovers... at that stage i noticed that whenever we were out..he would disappear many times to the gents...i thot it was just a weak bladder...the thruth was he was a bleeding cocaine addict...

anyway apart from cocaine RSD was also getting his jollies from ecstasy and ganja that time i was so damm naive...i thought i could make him a better man

i was his best ally..i used to give him my time and care for him..and listen to all his woes... no one else knew that the strong Mr RSD was a junkie...and also an alchoholic...he used to down ecstasy with Dom, with vodka or with Chivas

i was the only one however who stood by him when he was too stoned to do anything.. i was there to clean up his messes....i was there to hold him when he cried like a baby in my arms...

No one else knows of the demons that haunt him at nite...i was the only one who truly cared...

anyway...our relationship was fun while it was not all gloomy days.... he used to send me 1st class tickets to join him in Bangkok, Sg, Jakarta and even to Perth and Dubai..he travels every that was an oppurtunity to meet up discreetly with me...he introed me to some extremely hi profile people...once we went for a party on a yatch and i was rubbing shoulders with some people whom you see on the pages of Newsweek, Time & Fortune!

RSD was also extremely generous in terms of spending lavishly on me... nothing was denied when i was with him..we dined at the finest restaurants, shopped and partied like stars...

I guess in his own way he loved me...i know i did..but this relationship took its toll on me..i could not tolerate his violent out bursts and his mood swings..he was cool and confident and strong outside..but inside he was insecure, afraid and so damm dependent..
God help me i tried..i tried to help him kick the habit...but i guess cocaine was his first love...emotionally i was dying... i was so sapped of energy whenever he left to back to his wife...he was extremely jealous and possesive...he would break out in a rage when i told him i went out with someone while he was away...weirdly he would still frequent Nana Plaza in Bangkok for his jollies...yet he would get so angry if another man flirted with me or i with him...

i finally dumped him at the ASEAN summit last year...he was so high on drugs that i could not take his intolerable behaviour.....the details are too personal to say here....

Anyway..someone in the medical line i met told me he has about 5 years max to live if he continues with his present lifestyle...

I guess i am not going to be there..i know he has moved have i...but sometimes i feel so so sad when i remember him...

RSD... he is the past now

He tried calling me a few times when he recently visited KL...but i guess i am glad i have my Master and P who advised me against answering his calls....

As P said...i deserve so much better

Such is life


IviesBidesJuste 56M
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9/6/2006 11:30 am

Drug and alcohol addiction can only be treated when the person doe's it for himself. Too many women fall in that trap thinking that if they love and help him enough, he'll change. Sorry to say, but that won't happen.

I have a friend there in KL that attends those Embassy dinners and cocktail receptions. I have pics here of her with some of her girlfriends (whom I know) as well as ambassadors from different countries. She also helps get the princess of Cambodia out of these stuffy events, so they can get out and do some real partying. She's also part of the Asean Ladies Circle that coordinates charity events and such.

Funny thing happened one time when I was there. She invited me to show up at this Hotel for a raffle and benefit sale for some charity. I'm supposed to be low key and discreet, because no one except for a few of her friends knew who I was. When they had the raffle ticket drawing, just my luck, they call my name. I look over at her and her friends and they are laughing hysterically. So much for being low key.

milady_de_winter 45F

9/6/2006 10:38 pm

OMG...LB backdoorman...i think we have met before!!!!!

Oh much for being low key indeed

IviesBidesJuste 56M
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9/7/2006 4:04 am

    Quoting milady_de_winter:
    OMG...LB backdoorman...i think we have met before!!!!!

    Oh much for being low key indeed
Think so huh? Send me a full face pic in my email and I'll see if I recognize you. Maybe not?

The ladies I mentioned above are Filipina, and one is Malay. If you see a group of gals all sitting around taking shots of tequila and flicking off guys like dandruff, then its a good chance it is them.
And they're "always" on the dance floor.

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