an american who fucked me  

milady_de_winter 45F
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6/28/2006 9:24 pm

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9/18/2006 11:44 pm

an american who fucked me

i met an american...a very nice man... he was not from AdultFriendFinder....anyway...he came down NYC to meet up with me...

the sex was great...but when we had a talk..a real talk about where we were going and what was happening....we both want a relationship...and he did not want to hurt we stayed platonic after that....he cannot make any promises at the moment although we both like each other very much...or maybe i like him more...guess i am the one into him

i am a bit melodramatic and nostalgic right now...just had breakfast with him and said goodbye...he is flying off back to NYC tonite..

i don't have the heart to send him off.... so i said goodbye just now... he plans to visit Malaysia again... so we will take things from there ....i am planning to visit NYC this year... if it works out we will be a couple...if it does not...then it was an adventure

He is a nice man.... gentle and caring... but i just don't know

such is life

Ciao Ciao

rm_SirTier 56M

9/16/2006 9:26 pm

Just be careful here sis.

He may be doing this just for the immigration papers.

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