Yeahhh!!!!! Yippe Kah Yeeee  

milady_de_winter 45F
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6/29/2006 11:00 pm

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7/1/2006 8:35 pm

Yeahhh!!!!! Yippe Kah Yeeee

I am so excited...why???...well my dear readers my best friend and soulmate in the whole world Lady_Rose is coming to KL....she and i are kindred souls..both having gone thru failed marriages..both strong and intelligent women...

I am picking her up from the train station when she arrives..she will be spending the nite at my place before she goes back home...

Its gonna be a time of sisterhood and bonding...have a gal friend whom i can share my innermost feeling and talk to...yeah..i need some Yah Yah Sista hood blues this weeks-end....

My thoughts still travel to NYC...he is on the airplane now...i hope he arrives safely... whatever happens...he will always be a friend...

I must be strong...yet part of me feels so so sad... it feels so empty at times

Lady_rose wants lovers- without a serious commitment- she just wants to bonk- yet she attracts men who want a serious for me...Ahhh..i attract lovers who want to bonk and in reality i want to be loved... life is so damm ironic

Maybe perchance we should exchange a swap..

I have scheduled some of my FBs and potential FBs to meet with her and myself.... she can choose whom she wants to bonk with

After all friends share..and i am a true friend to her...

Ciao Ciao

Lilith Divine

rm_troyx 40M

6/30/2006 2:41 am

Well Lilith,

I understand the sentiment. What meant to be a good time a night or few nights of wild unhibited sex would cause your heart to melt and wanting for more.

Been to that place and I am still pining for that certain some one. But things are not meant to be.

Hope that you and Lady Rose would have a good time with your FBs. I wonder what it takes to be that...

milady_de_winter 45F

6/30/2006 3:59 am

well its simple really

1. honesty
3. honesty

Lol get the message

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