The Motel room  

mikoleo 63M
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7/16/2006 10:53 am
The Motel room

We have met once for a nice meal but it was a short date due to other circumstances leaving us both feeling a little sad. Our first kiss was as you sat in your car, and I wasnt going to let you escape before tasting your lips. Saturday we felt low and by saturday evening following numerous texts you suggest meeting in the motel so we could spend time together.
On entering the room you sat on the chair obviously a little uneasy and admitted that the text waas a desire that was meant to be deleted (but pressed the send button). We talked a while and I held your hand stroking your wrist gentley, before standing and escorting you to the bed. There we lay fully clothed you laid on your back with your head on the pillow, me laid across the bed with your legs over mine.As we talked I traced little circle around your ankles and up the sides of your legs getting more and more adventuruos. Before long you are naked and I am still fully clothed, still stroking you but spending more time stimulating you planting little kisses all over you. Your body trembles everytime I touch your clit and then when my lips move slowly form your tummy to your mound your trembles turn to shudders and I know you are climaxing. I run my nose down your moist slit and back up before nipping you with my teeth and shudders start to subside. I slide up the bed and kiss your neck, hold you before letting my fingers start to stimulate you again.
My clothes do eventualy come off and we make love like no other and then we sleep baby sleep.

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