something is bothering me tonight, and i don't know what it is?  

midniteryde0005 47F
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8/10/2006 8:05 pm

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10/14/2006 11:31 am

something is bothering me tonight, and i don't know what it is?

i'm pondering!

have you ever had this feeling before? like your irritated, with something in your life..... but you just can't put a finger on it?? i don't know what it is that is bothering me, mabye i need a change? well, change what? i don't know? i could use more we all could... so i guess that's not it. mabye i need to do some soul searching? but what in the hell am i searching for?

(usually when i am searching for a word or something silly i call my brother in law... he is full of useless knowledge...RONCO INC. CALL i couldent remember who made the decor-egger, mr. microphone, and the pop bottle glass maker and he quipped in an instant RONCO Now i'm getting off the subject..but i can't even call him.... cause he would be of no help to me in this subject.)

well mabye it stems from in the ohio chat room? someone asked me " what is it i'm lookin for " and i told him that "that's a real good question because i don't know anymore?" this profile that i have is a good one but it is getting pretty vacant, mabye i need to change that, or even mabye taking a break from all of this.

or mabye it was an email that i got today on this site.... saying that he read my profile, and quite frankly he was intimidated, but intrigued? WTF IS THAT ALL ABOUT?( my ex says that in my profile, i come off as queen bitch, he is on here too!) i am not in the business of intimidating people? that's not what i'm about, yes i have been hurt before! yes i have been shit on! and mabye i have my guard up just like a prize fighter! but woulden't you if you were me?Hell if i put my heart on my sleeve, i would get emotionally by some of you, and don't deny it, because it's true, and i am going to advoid that at all costs... you know? but you know word for word my profile is the truth, it just been developing thruout the year. everytime i feel something strongly, i will go to my profile and add it... or change something. i think my profile spends more time in pending review than it is
so i don't think that changing my profile is going to do anything for me, mabye it will who knows? but i know that it will probally turn into another carbon copy profile of what i already have( you can't stop mid when she has a thought).but i have been pondering it here alot lately,(changing my profile) that or just quitting for awhile... i don't know what it is? mabye i need to relinquish that steering wheel that i held on for dear life in my profile! let my life go to chance(now i got this visual, of forest gump's


mid throws her arms up..."mabye it's just the one year itch"~~~~~~ huh, well it was a thought?

greeneyes3311 40M
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9/13/2006 5:27 pm

Here's an idea, maybe open your mind and let people who like to know you and see where that goes ??????? Look at it as to see how other people view and like or dislike, what ever. You just mite find yourself starting to expand your mind and maybe starting to open your heart to something you wouldn't experience's because you wanted to be some sword of hard ass.


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