do blonds have more fun?  

midniteryde0005 46F
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5/21/2006 4:35 pm

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5/30/2006 2:49 pm

do blonds have more fun?

my sister in law came to my house about two weeks agao, to help me highlight my hair, well the whole process fucked was more blond than highlighted, so i took matters in to my own hands. oh geeze!

so here it goes...... my adventure!

this am at work.. i was telling my friends that i was getting sick of my hair being two toned, so my friend told me to get a blonding kit. i have to buy two because my hair is so long now havent been in to get my hair cut since last august.(except trims) so i get home and do my ritual. check my mail on passion, get my dr.pepper. ok ok ok enough stalling it is time now to do it. so i head for the bathroom, with my two kits in hand. ok now this is where it gets interesting. i put the two kits in my hair and i am looking at it and it is turning all these funky shades, like red, orange,(i was lookin in the mirror and was like WTF OH HELL NO LOL Kept it in for the alloted time, washed it out. and it was YELLOW! My whole head looked like a bananna!!! I was pacing around my apartment like a caged animal, "WTF i have a yellow head, OH HELL NO, AND FUCK IT'S SUNDAY TO!" "no beauty salon is going to be open on sunday!" so once again i took matters in to my own hands. put a base ball cap on my yellow head went to the drug store and bought two more kits. something a little darker this time. put that on my head, and phew it corrected it, THANK GOD! so now i am really blond! WOW !gonna have to get used to this one! lol

so do blonds have more fun..... well after this experience, i would have to say.... ahhhhhh nope!

fun4you2night03 42M

5/22/2006 7:42 am

I bet you have more fun no matter what color you are-lol. I like the look, just figured I would comment on the look.

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