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11/25/2005 1:42 am

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Yesterday, while out surveying some work, i went into a store where we have some work to carry out. This was the first time i had visited the store as normally, because it is in L/Derry which is 60 miles away, i just let one of our workers go on their own. I asked for the manager, explaining what i was there for, i had started to look around at what was to do when the manager approached me. To my pleasant surprise the manager was a very attractive female! Right away i began to flirt, just joking and getting close to her, she didn't move away and it felt like she was enjoying the attention. We had to go to the electrical cupboard and as she stood in front of me i had to stand up against her as i looked at the fuse boards. It was pretty obvious at this point that she was thinking the same things i was, but and this will surprise some people (B nothing happened! Why are we so shy, why do we not take a chance when something like this happens? There is no doubt in my mind, through eye contact etc. that there was a definate "click" between us, as i left, she atood at the front door and waved, even though it was bitterly cold and wet! why could i not just have said, fancy going for a coffee, or are you attached, you know, something just to let her know that i was interested in getting to know her better! is it the fear of being let down!

belfastbound 42F

11/30/2005 4:06 am

Well i must admit i'm not a bit shy in situations like that Mick, if i see someone and i want them, i'll go for it, if i get rejected then so be it but at least i don't have that "what if" feeling. Life is too short to worry about things, just go for it.

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