In a 100 years will it really matter???  

BlessDistoSirup 50M
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5/15/2006 6:58 pm
In a 100 years will it really matter???

My days are like most, up early , meeting with various people to get jobs started or completed and enjoying my SLOWED down pace.

After 20 years of pushing at 110% , I've become content with myself , my successes and failures. I have created a great deal for myself and others and I have finally learned how to enjoy it.

I used to measure myself and others on accomplishments and money. I have learned to look at the person as a whole rather than the exterior. I have found once I have gotten to know someone who I previously judged, I found them to be very interesting. In other words don't judge a book by its cover, atleast read a few chapters.

I live my life by a daily creed that nothing is worth sacrificing your health or your loved one's. I now keep myself in balance by asking myself this question when I am faced with a difficult situation. "In a hundred years will it really matter?" Most of the time it won't matter so I am able to live a less stress filled life. It seems I am able to accomplish even more now and I feel great about myself.

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