Back to the future (Part 5)  

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Back to the future (Part 5)

Life will take some strange turns if you let it. This next phase of my life was one of those things that I shouldn't have never let happen...


I moved into an upstairs loft with a married couple. The husband of this couple worked in my office and they would often come rescue me from the frequent invasion of my apartment by Jeffery’s church friends. The couple didn’t have any children, just two dogs.

My loft had a set of smoked mirrors over the area where I put my bed. I would lie on my back and watch as I stroked my dick. I hadn’t jerked off in front a mirror like that since I had been a teen.

During one of my jerk off sessions, I neglected to shut the door leading up to my room. The couple was out, but the two dogs were downstairs. I was in the midst of stroking when one of the dogs ran up the stairs and got on the bed with me. I was just about to push him off when licked my hard dick. I pushed the dog away and he just laid down at my feet. His lick felt good, so I went back to stroking. He slowly moved back up and started to lick just the end of my dick. It felt wonderful, so I just kept stroking and the dog kept licking.

I started to build to up to a great orgasm. When I was just about to come this dog gave the end of my dick a little nip. If you have ever watched a dog lick himself, you will notice that they sort of nip at their dick. The licking was great, but this little nip sent me over the top and I started to shoot come all over the place. The dog really went wild when I start shooting come, licking every drop as it landed, and even licking it as it shot out of the end of my dick. I had one of the top 10 best orgasms of my life.

When I had finished, I just sort of laid there for a minute or two. I didn’t have anything to clean up, the dog had done it for me. I started to feel a bit guilty, like I had done something wrong, when I looked at the dog and he just was as happy as he could be, wagging his tail. I had enjoyed it, he seemed to enjoy it, so what the hell.

I think we repeated our little fun about five or six more times. It always felt good, but never quite as good as the first time. Occasionally, the other little dog would join us. She never licked my dick, but she sure liked to lick up my come. I guess it takes a male to really know how to lick a dick.

I finally was making enough money to purchase my first car and settled into the new place.

The husband was going to seminary school and was going to become minister, but wasn’t like Jeffery at all. We all got along really well. He told me that I was one of the few people he knew who just treated him like a friend and not a minister.

We eventually got around to talking about sexual matters and this led to us eventually going to an adult movie together, together with his wife. We were all pretty hot after the movie and when we got home, I went upstairs and they retired to their bedroom. That night I heard them having sex for the first time, brining myself off to their moans and the sound of squeaking bed springs. I am a voyeur.

We openly talked about sexual matters more frequently, and they told me that his wife had difficulty in having an orgasm. I suggested that they borrow my vibrator and see if that made a difference. It sure did and they went out and purchased a larger one that became part of their routine.

I recall a rather humorous event that featured this new toy. I had invited them out to my parent’s home in Colorado for the holidays. Dad was posted there after returning from Germany. As we were unpacking the car, there was this buzzing sound coming from one of the bags. Upon closer inspection, we all realized that the vibrator had gotten switched on in the bag. We all had one hell of laugh over this.

There were red flags developing in this situation all over the place, but I didn’t heed any of them. During this visit with my parents, my mother pulled me aside and said that I needed to be really careful. I asked her why, and she said that the wife was falling for me and that I needed to move out. I told her I didn’t know what she was talking about and that I since she was married, there wasn’t anything to worry about. Mom was sure right about this one, as I was soon to find out.

The husband was gone from the home a lot; working all day and then going to school at night. I changed employers and his wife also went back to work. His wife and I had jobs in the same part of town, so we car pooled everyday. This left me and the wife alone quite a bit of the time. We became constant companions and best friends.

In March of that year, while going to a movie, the wife and I were talking about relationships. She told me how glad she was that I was there and their sex life had improved. She then told me that her husband had borrowed some of my porn collection when I wasn’t there one day. I got a sick feeling inside; he must have seen the gay stuff I also had in my collection. Prior to this, I would always get the stuff for him. I asked her if he mentioned the ‘other’ material and she said yes he did. The sick feeling started to grow. I admitted that I hadn’t had much luck with females and then I just blurted out the fact that I was attracted to guys and that maybe I was gay. The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach got worse and would have done anything just to get out of the car. She saw that I was really uncomfortable and said that she knew I wasn’t gay, maybe that I was bisexual, and that would marry one day when I found the right partner. We went to the movie and I started to feel better. I realized that these feelings were just part of who I was and that if she could accept it, I should too.

A few weeks later, we were talking about fantasies. She asked me what one of mine was, and I told her about one that I had since being a teen. It starts out with me jerking off alone in my room. My girlfriend walks in and catches me. I get really embarrassed and start to put my dick away. She say don’t and says she wants to watch. I hesitate and before I could say anything, she pulls her pants down and said “Lets do it together; I want to watch you come.” We both start to play with ourselves. She says to make sure to tell her when I am about to come. It doesn’t take long and I say, ‘I am gonna come” and I start to shoot. My girlfriend comes with me, moaning and thrusting her hips. My story was interrupted as he had to do something.

They went to church every Sunday morning followed by Sunday school with them arriving back home mid afternoon. I didn’t usually go with them. These hours were usually spent with my dick in my hand up in my room. The Sunday after we had our little chat about my fantasy, I had finished up pretty early jacking off and was on my bed watching TV when their car drives up, much earlier than usual. I hear the front door slam and she runs up the stairs. I can tell she was looking for something and I ask her “What’s up?” She tells me that she left early and wanted to know if I wanted to join them for a Sunday brunch. I said sure, and we talk for an hour or so before we leave. Somehow I got the feeling that wasn’t really why she was there, but didn’t say anything.

That evening while both of us were working in the garden, we got around to talking about our unfinished fantasy story. She admitted that she had come home early that day hoping to catch me jerking off. I guess she had figured out that I used Sunday mornings for that and wanted to fulfill my fantasy. I told her that was nice of her, and maybe we could arrange the real thing sometime.

She decided that next Sunday was to be the day. She would leave early as he had to teach a Sunday school class and we would again meet for brunch. Sunday arrived and we were both nervous. The deal was that all she was going to do was watch me jerk off and that was it; she wasn’t going to follow through on the whole fantasy. She asked me if this was ok, and I said sure.

We went to the spare bedroom and got on the bed. I took my pants down and started to play with my dick. She got on the bed and lay next to me. I had a hand towel with me to catch the come. I was a bit anxious, but started to get into it. I was stroking my dick when she reaches over and starts rubbing my balls. I have always liked rubbing my balls and she said that she did this with her husband. It doesn’t take long and I shoot a load all over the hand towel. I can tell she is really hot and she says that she wants to relieve herself, but that she was in the middle of her period and was having a pretty heavy flow.

She asked me if she minded if she got under the covers and played with herself using the vibrator. I said sure and she went to her room and retrieved the vibrator. She got under the covers and pulled her pants down. I couldn’t see anything, but heard her turn on the vibrator. She started moaning and in about a minute she comes, thrusting her hips up and down. I couldn’t tell if she had the vibration on her clit or in her pussy. I know that she had a great orgasm. She regained her composure and asked me to leave so that she can clean up and get ready for brunch. We went to brunch like nothing happened. I think we both were a bit ashamed of what we had done, so we didn’t talk about it for a couple of days.

When we did talk about it, I told her that I really enjoyed it and she said she did to. I told her that I would also have liked to have seen her play with herself and that she shouldn’t have worried about the blood. She told me that she felt like she was ugly and that I wouldn’t like her body. I told her that she was crazy and that I would love to see her body. She still wasn’t sure.

I don’t really remember how long after this that she was in the bathroom taking a shower. I was upstairs and went down to go to the bathroom. The door didn’t have a lock on it, so we would always knock before we opened it. I knocked and she said come in. I expected her to be dressed, or at least in her robe. She was totally nude. I looked at her body and told her that she was really pretty. This put her at ease and she dried off and left.

I don’t recall how soon we got together again, all I know is that we did and started a basic routine of her watching me jack off and then she would play with herself with the vibrator. There was occasional touching, which eventually worked its way up to both of us stimulating each other to orgasm and then to oral sex.

We often had to find a place out away from the house for our fun. We got off in the car before work, in a park close to our offices, once I rented a hotel room for lunch time session. We did everything except have actual intercourse. She said that she couldn’t go that far.

She usually only had one big orgasm, but sometimes would have a couple. I would come at least once, and often had another one. Masturbation was our preferred method of having an orgasm.

I had oral sex with her during her period once. It really wasn’t that bad.

I remember both of us being outdoors at a local deserted park, both of our pants down, me busy rubbing her clit and her jerking me off as a freight train passed by. I am sure the engineer and fireman got quite an eyeful.

Her husband made two out of town trips over that summer, and we would spend a lot of time fooling around when he was gone. We had talked about having sexual intercourse during one of these trips, but she couldn’t bring herself to go that far. She said that her orgasms were better with what we were doing, rather than when she fucked with her husband.

I started traveling out of town a couple of weeks a month. I would call her while he was out and we had phone sex. She also recorded an audio tape of her getting off with her vibrator, and I recorded an audio tape of one of my solo sessions for her to use when I was gone.

She would often take me to the airport for my out of town trip and would usually kiss me goodbye. It was usually just a quick shallow one. During one of these goodbyes, I told her that I never had really had French kissed a girl before. She then proceeded to give one of those deep long tongue kinds of kisses. My dick got hard instantly, and by the time I had gotten to my seat on the plane, my dick had leaked pre come through my pants. If she had kept kissing much longer, I may have shot my load right there in my pants.

The situation turned into one of those torrid extra marital affairs, hiding to be together, everyone else but the husband knowing something is going on. I am sure that her office knew what was going on, and I know that my boss and several people in my office knew.

She wanted to best of both worlds, a husband and a lover. What she really wanted was a threesome with all of us, but she could never bring herself to ask him. We only came close to this fantasy of hers once.

I had borrowed a video camera from my parents to see if I want to buy one. Back then, they were very expensive. The discussion eventually got around to them wanting to make a porn video. It was really his idea, but he wasn’t too sure she would go for it. He asked her and much to his surprise, she agreed. Then they asked if I wanted to be the camera man. I said sure, but maybe we needed a sort of dry run before we did this. I was concerned that things were moving way to fast here and I wasn’t sure if things got out of hand, he might suspect that his wife and I were more than just friends.

They agreed that what we would do is watch some of my 8mm movies to set the mood and get some ideas for what kind of video they wanted to make. .I had purchased a projector to replace the hand crank. They would then have sex while I watched to see if they could actually perform in front of someone else.

After about an hour of watching my 8mm movies, they were ready. They retired to the bedroom and undressed. I undressed up in my room and put on a robe and then went downstairs. The door to their bedroom was open.

They had already started to touch and rub each other. It was rather dark, but I could make out what was going on. I sat on the floor outside the door in the hall and opened my robe and started to stroke my dick, which was already hard. Things started to progress rather quickly. He fingered her pussy while lying on his back. I guess he felt that she was ready and she straddled him and went down on his dick from above. She started to move up and down rapidly on his dick and moaned loudly. It didn’t take very long for her to come and really make a lot of noise. I was already pretty hot and about 15 seconds I came all over my chest moaning pretty loud. I had gotten pretty good at timing my orgasm to coincide with hers during all our playtime. Now that both of us had come, I began to wonder if he could. My question was answered in less than thirty seconds as he gave about five quick thrusts and came with a groan. I quietly got up and went back upstairs. We did not talk the rest of the evening.

She greeted my in the morning, but seemed very concerned. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that both her husband and she had a great time, but that she was concerned that I might have felt left out. I told her not to worry, that I had a good time too.

As we drove to work that morning, she went into a few more details about how it went from her perspective. She first told me that he was a lot more attentive to her during foreplay, saying that she thought he want to put on a good show. She also told me that they often had to use KY for lubrication, but that she was dripping. She also told me that she almost came a second time when she heard me come. From their perspective, things had gone well.

My feelings were a bit different. While I had enjoyed watching them make love and coming sort of with them, I also did really feel left out. I was beginning to really want to know what sexual intercourse felt like. I also started to feel real jealousy develop inside.

It was shortly after this time that I told her that I was thinking about moving out. She totally lost it and said that she didn’t want that. I told her that I wasn’t ever going to ask her to choose, but I also was having problem dealing with my feelings.

To make matters worse, she was also trying to get pregnant, so they actually were having sex more often than usual around her fertile days in the cycle. What had once been a voyeurs’ fantasy turn-on soon became painful for me to listen to.

I went out and purchased an artificial vagina at one of the local adult toy stores, thinking that might be a good solution to my problem. While I enjoyed using it, it just felt like it wasn’t the real thing.

I then decided that the best way to find out if I was really missing anything was to find someone to have sexual intercourse with. I decided the best thing I could do was go visit a prostitute. I rented a hotel room for the night and went to where the girls were. I ended up with two of them talking me into taking both of them. It was a cold rainy night, and after I told them I had a room, they both wanted to get out of the rain and get warm.

We agreed on the price $85 total, $45 for one that was going to fuck me and $40 for other to play around with the two of us. I paid them upfront and promised another $20 each if things went well.

Things started to go bad as soon as we got in the room. I took off my pants, but had to piss, so I went into the bathroom. When I got back into the room, they were going through my pants. It looked like they wanted the rest of the money I had in my wallet. I asked them what in the hell they were doing with my pants. The both apologized quickly, handed me my pants and said they were just checking to make sure I wasn’t a cop. That really didn’t ring true, but I accepted their explanation and then tried to go on with our date. It turned out to be a total disaster. I tried to get hard, but couldn’t. They tried everything to get me hard. I couldn’t and after about an hour of trying, I gave up.

I told them to get dressed and that I would take them back to their corner. They actually seemed upset, but I told them not to worry about it. They kept their money, but I didn’t give them the extra $40. After I dropped them back at the corner, I went back to the room and sort of broke down. I realized that all of this hadn’t been necessary and that I really needed to get on with my life and find a girlfriend of my own.

I went back to the couple’s home the next morning and told her what had happened. Not only was she unsympathetic, but she also told me that I could just as have contracted a STD and she didn’t want me touching her till I had been checked out. This really pissed me off, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I developed a sore throat within a day or so of this, I would never have gone to the free clinic to get checked out. I had to wait a week, but I was given a clean bill of health. I also couldn’t jack off for at least a week, every time I tried, I couldn’t even get hard. The whole bad dream kept coming back again and again. Eventually I did get back into being able to enjoy jerking off again. After my evening with the prostitutes, we never were intimate again.

There really wasn’t any good way for this affair to end, and two things happened back to back that would end it. First, she got pregnant. Second, he got his first assignment as a minister and was going to have to move several hours away. He would still be in seminary in town often and would need stay with me in my new place. We stayed good friends, and he was really the innocent one in this whole affair. I should have never let it get started in the first place and should have heeded my mother’s advice.

(To be continued....)

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