Back to the Future (Part 3)  

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4/22/2006 12:01 pm
Back to the Future (Part 3)

The weekend is here and I really needed a short break from work.

Haven’t had much luck with watching web cams the last couple of days, I ether got cut off right a way or AdultFriendFinder system is acting up again. So I just reverted to plan b which is watching my collection of web cam clips. Sometimes that is even better as I can stop and restart them for the good parts. LOL

Here is the next part of my bio. For a long time, I wouldn’t have even admitted to some of the things I have written down here, for reasons that will be pretty clear after you have read it. This part of my life ended up confusing me more than anything else. I can really relate to others who went through some of these kinds of experiences and part of the reason I have written this is to show you that you weren’t alone.

I know there will be some who object to the nature of my relationship with my younger brother and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Pat and I are still very close, even though he is a continent away. My mind is at ease with these events, but for many years it wasn’t. So here goes…..


We settled into our new home on base and I started my freshman year of high school at the age of 14. I continued to share my room with my two younger brothers, who were Pat, 11 and Joe, 7 at the time. This house only had one bath room and jerking off in the bathroom was a luxury that I didn’t often have. I would jerk off in my room after both of my brothers would go to sleep. My new bed made a lot of noise when I would hump it, so I soon had switched to the stroking up and down with my dry fist exclusively, shooting my load into a tee shirt. My mother remarked one day that she wished I had put my used tee shirts in the wash more frequently. I had been using one maybe 20 times before I would wash it and this was her way of telling me she didn’t mind me jerking off, but really didn’t like finding a yellow, come encrusted tee shirt stuck in my dresser’s bottom drawer. I complied with her request.

I started gym class in my new school and I hated it. I wasn’t athletic at all and not good at any sports. The only good thing about gym was that we all had to shower in a big open shower every day. My class had a mixture of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade boys so there were dicks of every shape and size swinging in the shower daily. It was hard sometimes not to get an erection looking at all these dicks and from time to time, many of us did.

I was pretty limber during this period in my life and I found that if I took a really hot bath, I could loosen up my back muscles enough that I could sit sideways in the bathtub and bring my dick head close enough to my mouth that I could suck on it. It felt great to be able to suck the tip of my dick and shoot a nice load into my mouth. This was the first time I ever recall tasting my own come. I really didn’t mind the taste. I could only do this when I had lots of privacy and it only a few months before I could no longer manage this contortionist feat.


In my sophomore year, I had developed a case of teenage acne and had gotten some medicine that was white and looked like and had the same consistency as come. I put this on my face every night. During one of these applications, I squirted some into my hand and turned to my 11 year old brother Pat and said, “Do you know what his looks like?” and he said, “Sure…come.”

I asked him how he knew that, for as far as I knew at the time, he had never jerked off. He told me that he jerked off all the time now and could shoot come. I said, “No way, prove it.” And in a moment he had his underwear down and was starting to stroke his dick up and down, but only with three finger tips and not his fist. I really hadn’t paid much attention in recent years to his dick, but would see it from time to time. His dick was every big as mine when hard, but was not as thick. The major difference was that his was bigger soft and didn’t grow as much when he got hard as mine did. His pubic hair was sparse compared to the size of his dick.

It was still pretty early, and my other brother hadn’t gotten to bed yet. I told him to stop before he shot his load and asked him if he wanted to “have some fun later”. He said sure and we waited till my other brother got into bed and was fast asleep.

Pat then joined my in my bed and I asked him what he wanted to do. He wasn’t sure, so I suggested that we jerk each other off. I jerked him off first, then he jerked me off. We both came pretty quickly and cleaned up.

I asked him who had taught him to jerk off and he said, “Don’t you remember? You did.” I had totally forgotten about what I had shown him years earlier. He said that he had been shooting come for about six months now.

Several nights later we decided to “have some fun” again. This time, I sucked him off and he sucked me off. I swallowed his load, but mine was bigger and he couldn’t swallow all of it, so most of it rolled down the shaft of my dick and into my pubes.

We would get together a couple times a week as soon as my other brother was asleep, and either jack off, mutually jack each other or suck each other off. We eventually worked up to 69ing each other. As soon as one of us would come, it would seem to trigger the other to come right after.

I still had a collection of girlie magazines and I showed him. I think he may have already found them on his own anyway. In one of these magazines, there was an article talking about how to have anal sex with a female. I wasn’t sure how he would take such a suggestion, but I decided to give him the article to read. After he had finished reading it, I asked him if he wanted to try it. If he had said no, that would have been the end of it. He said he did want to try. The article said the most important thing was lubrication and learning to relax.

We decided that he would screw me first. I got up on all fours on the floor. He got some hand lotion and he put some on his finger and stuck into to lubricate my butt hole. He then put some on his dick. He got behind me and pushed his dick head in. I knew it would hurt a bit, but had no idea that a dick would feel like that. My previous experiences with anal stimulation had always been pleasant and this wasn’t. I had forgotten to relax my anus and as soon as I remember to do that, I took a deep breath and he started to slide in. Soon his dick was buried in my ass. Next he started to thrust in and out. My butt hole started to adjust to his dick and within about 30 seconds it had stopped hurting. He didn’t take very long and within two minutes he shot his load into my ass. He seemed to really enjoy it. I got up and went to the bathroom and with a large fart, deposited his load into the toilet. I cleaned up and returned to our room.

Next it was my turn to fuck him. I decided to use a condom on my dick as I had an aversion to getting shit on it. I put one on, lubed him up and started to push my dick inside. He was in a lot more pain than I had been in, and I could see it was really uncomfortable for him. I started to move in and out and he said he felt like he needed to take a shit and that it sill hurt too much. I pulled out and told him I didn’t want to hurt him. I took the condom off and he sucked me till I came.

We tried again a few nights later. He fucked me first again and he came rather quickly. It didn’t hurt me as much this time, but it was still pretty uncomfortable. It was my turn to fuck him and he said it still hurt too much. I reached around and started stroking his dick, thinking that this would help. It did and I got my dick inside of him. Before long, my stroking made him come and he shot a second load. I hadn’t been moving in and out at all while I had stroked him. I started up again and he said it hurt too much. So I pulled out and he jerked me off. This was the last time we tried anal sex. We would get a few more times to jack or suck each other off before something happened that would change a lot of things between us.

I had an older friend over one day and while I was watching TV, he said he wanted to go talk with Pat. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but after a while when he didn’t return, I went to find him. As I opened the door to our bedroom, this guy was on top of my brother, holding him down and playing with my brother’s dick. I could tell that my brother was hard, but why was this guy holding him down? I sort of freaked out and told him to get off my brother and that he would have to leave right now. I told him that I never wanted to see him near my brother again, nor did I want to be around him anymore.

We both told my mother what had happened and she told us that it was wrong for this older boy to do these things, or for that matter for any boys to do those kinds of things. I wanted to tell her that I felt like it was entirely my fault, and that I had also done the same things with my brother, but I couldn’t. I felt guilty and ashamed.

My mother talked to this older boy’s mother and come to find out; this wasn’t the first time this had happened. His mother and mine were good friends and she pleaded with my mother not to press charges, or tell my father. My mother agreed and the situation was dropped with the understanding that her son was never to come near my family again.

This situation ended up really confusing me. Up until this point in my life, I never really felt like I had done anything wrong in all the sexual experimentation I had done. My mother had always been pretty cool about things, but this seemed to really set her off.

Oddly enough, when Pat was out of high school, this same individual looked my brother up and after a fight with my parents; my brother left and actually lived with this guy for about six months.

A few years ago, I finally got up enough courage to ask Pat about this situation and if he felt that I had asked him to do things that he hadn’t really wanted to do. He told me that he had enjoyed what we did and that I never had talked him into anything he didn’t want to do. He said the only reason that he left to live with this guy was to see if he like having sex with guys or girls. He decided on girls and moved back home. You can’t imagine the relief I felt when he told me this.

Both of my brothers are also bisexual and have had sex with other guys. Both of them are married with children. I guess bisexuality ran in the family. I don’t know about my father.


I dated a few girls during my high school years, but I was still very shy. I fantasized about girls all the time and would jerk off thinking about them. I never was able to find one to be intimate with, I am sure that I would have gladly fucked any one of them if they had let me. One girl in particular would have let me, but I didn’t find this out till about 20 years after the fact. Her name was Gigi.

Dad and mom had a lot of friends that they had met in the local CB radio club. One of these families had three girls, Gigi, my age, Nancy, one year younger, and Cathy, who was about three years younger and one boy who was about 7.

Gigi was known to be a wild one, Nancy was pretty quiet, and Cathy was pretty wild too. We ended up spending hours together as our fathers talked about CB radios and our mothers sat around drinking beer.

I asked Gigi to go with me to a pool party. She gladly accepted and was a big hit at the party. The problem was, she spent more time flirting with all the other guys and sort of ignored me. We stayed for a couple of hours and I took her home. I really was upset with her and vowed never to ask her out again and I didn’t.

Part of the summer job routine I had to keep myself in a little bit of cash was to cut grass. Gigi’s father had hurt his back and couldn’t cut the grass. So their yard was one that I cut every couple of weeks.

It was in the middle of summer and I went over to cut the grass. I had been avoiding Gigi as much as I could after our date. When I arrived I got the mower out and did the small front yard and the larger back. After I had finished, I went inside to get a cool drink. When I got inside, I found that everyone was gone but Gigi. Most of her family was already at a campsite and most of my family was to join them for a weekend outing on the lake. I wasn’t going as I had other things to do, but my job was to get Gigi’s mother out to the campsite.

I met Gigi in the kitchen and she asked me if I was hot, she could see the sweat poring off me, and I almost said something smart to her. I got a glass of water and told me to sit down at the kitchen table as she wanted to talk to me. Gigi had on a halter top and very short short. As she sat down in the chair, pointed her legs in my direction and I couldn’t really avoid seeing the outline of her pussy lips through the tight fitting shorts, not to mention her nice pair of tits through the halter.

I sat down and she asked me what I was doing that night. She was really flirting with me. I told her I was supposed to take her mother out to the campsite and that I was then going back home. She asked if I wanted to go out again. I told her no, that I was going to stay at the campsite till dark and then get back home. I was still pretty sore at her. She pleaded with me, offering to even pay for the date, but I still turned her down.

Early evening, I took Gigi and her mother out to the campsite to join the rest of our families. We ate dinner and I returned home, thinking nothing of how the afternoon had gone.

During a conversation with my brother Pat many years later when we talked about when we had sex and with whom, he told me how the rest of the evening went. I guess Gigi was horny as hell and really wanted me to fuck her. Since I had turned her down, she then set her sights on my brother. She told my brother this, and they both got out into the lake after dark and fucked in the water. I kicked myself for being so stubborn when I realized how close I had come to getting fucked for the first time.

Pat went on to say that Gigi wasn’t the only member of the family he had fooled around with. He told me that he had messed around with Cathy as well, feeling her cunt under the covers in her room while she played with his dick. He said she was hairy and got nice and wet for him. He rubbed her till she came and then she jerked him off. They would have fucked, but were afraid of getting caught.


I was still active in Boy Scouts and had a few interesting encounters during my High School years. A couple that I recall was with a boy named Kevin. One summer I spent over six weeks camping. Two weeks at scout camp, two weeks on a Philmont high adventure trip, and another two weeks on an extended campout in a state park. Kevin was with me on the first and the last camping trips. We sort of hung around with each other and one day we both took showers together. I got a good look at his equipment and for some reason, I really like the way he looked. His dick was the same size as mine and he had nice curly pubic hair. I really hadn’t gotten over the incident with my brother, but I was also still a horny teen. Nothing much else happened on this trip.

It was a two day drive to the state park, so we stayed overnight at a gym located on a base on the way to the park. Kevin and I staked out a spot for our sleeping bags right in front of the ladies locker room. Since there were no women with us, Kevin went inside the ladies locker room and was gone for quite a while. I went in to check on him and found him locked in the one of the stalls. I asked him if he had ‘fallen in’ and he laughed and said no, that he would be out in a few minutes.

I went back outside and after a few more minutes, Kevin returned. I went into the locker room and as I entered the stall he had been in to go piss, I noticed fresh come on the floor, a lot of it. I got really turned on thinking about Kevin jerking him self off. I decided that rather than jerk off there myself, I would return to my sleeping bag and wait till lights out and jerk off hoping Kevin could see me. After lights out I did exactly that, but he didn’t seem to notice and if he did, he didn’t mention it to me. I never got up enough courage to tell him that I found his load and that I knew what he had been doing.

I remember jacking off on several camping trips outside and away from the camp but never again did I jack off with another boy my age during my teen years.


I was able to purchase magazines like Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse, and Oui without any problems and had started quite a collection. I remember seeing my first full frontal beaver shot in a Hustler magazine.

The first hard core pornographic movies I ever saw were old 8mm films and I was about 16 at the time. My dad had a projector and several movies he had taken in trade from someone who owed him money for some CB radio equipment. The first movie I watched featured a female with a vibrator. I was amazed that she could stick that thing so far inside her pussy. I was even more amazed at seeing a dick go inside a pussy for the first time. I had my own version of what I though sex was supposed to be like, but it was a real eye opener when I saw it in the movies for the first time. My parent’s marriage manual didn’t show any penetration.

One of my favorite movies had a double penetration scene with one guy in her pussy and the other in her ass. I remember lying in bed that night and recalling these scenes over and over again and shooting a huge load all over my chest. I would say that orgasm still rates as one of the top 10. I had to be really careful with these movies as an 8mm projector could eat several feet of film if you weren’t careful. My dad realized that I had damaged some of the movies, but really didn’t yell at me too much. I guess he figured I was old enough and asked that I be more careful.

I continued to experiment around with condoms and found a special condom that only covered the head of your dick. I like the way a condom looks after you have filled it with a nice load.

Family vacation always proved to be a real problem with my jerk off needs. It was during one of these that I discovered another new way to come, but not make a lot of movement. I found that if pinched the skin right under and behind my dick head between my thumb and first finger and rolled it back and forth, I could build up to one pretty intense orgasm. This became my preferred method when privacy wasn’t available and I found that I couldn’t hold out any longer. This method would prove to be very valuable much later on in my life.

Another incident that was memorable happened as I was returning from a weekend trip with a friend and his mother. We were driving along on the interstate out in farm country. As we passed a pasture, I caught something out of the corner of my eye and as I looked over, two horses were fucking. My friend was asleep and his mother was busy driving, so I was the only one who saw what was going on. This really turned me on and I watched as we passed by and then turned around to catch a final glimpse of the action as we moved down the highway. I got an instant hard on and tried to jack off in my pants. The proved to be futile, as I couldn’t really get going without attracting too much attention. Needless to say, as soon as I got home, I locked myself in the bathroom and stroked for only a minute or two before I shot a huge load.

I graduated from high school at the age of 17 and had originally planned to go to medical school. My father got a posting back overseas to Germany, and after much discussion, I decided to return with the family to Germany for a year and then I would return to the States and start school.

We had a dog that dad wanted to take over, so I was to spend the summer at my grandmothers till they had gotten settled in and I was fly over with the dog.

That summer I spent many afternoons leisurely jerking off in my grandmother’s home. My grandfather had passed, and grandmother worked every afternoon for a couple of hours at a local restaurant. This was probably the first time I had total privacy for an extended period of time. I still used Kleenexes to clean up with, rather than use my tee shirt.

(There is more to come….)

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