A week from hell.  

michael59x 58M
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6/11/2006 3:48 pm
A week from hell.

Very tired after a long and frustrating week out of town for work. Got back in yesterday and have just vegged out today. Nothing exciting happened during my trip, just jacked off to help relieve the stress.

Not looking forward to returning to the office tomorrow as I am sure it’s bound to be another stress filled week.

Hoping to have some fun next weekend. For those of you who have been following my discussion in the KC-Bi Guys group, you know what I am talking about. Never know till it’s finally time to see who actually shows.

Had a few new contacts this week. Have gotten to the point where I just end the conversation rather quickly now if someone doesn’t bother to read my profile.

Looks like my latest two bio installments were read by a few. There is more to the story, a lot more, but will wait till later to decide when to post the rest of it.

Hope everyone has a good week.

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