I have been violated  

micahbiguns 52M
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3/28/2006 4:58 pm

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4/6/2006 9:58 am

I have been violated

Them them them....... SCOUNDRELS aka Sorceror07 and travelingintexas have stolen my baby!!!!

They stole her afore we could even snap a new picture of her. The one I included is the best I could come up with.That should do for identification as all you will see of her is tailights lol. I am demanding that an APB be issued for one red 1966 Pontiac GTO Convertible Missouri Tag # Biguns toy if you see this vechicle please do not I repeat do not do anything to damage her she has been finished with 8 layers of hand rubbed laquer not to mention the 4 coatings of wax I just applied. I was getting her ready to take Carol on a fast ride this sunday! Also anyone intrested in two slighly used twinkee eating watch dogs. They answer to Rosco and Enis damn wortless errr uh I mean great dawgs for sale cheap.

Sorceror07 55M

3/28/2006 6:36 pm

it's all good until i see flashing red lights in the rear view... then all bets are off lol! ...don't worry, soon as i get to where my official wheels are resideing, i'll have your ride returned, good as new and broken in real proper

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

dasher121 37M

3/29/2006 7:00 am

holy hell get that fine ass car back!!!

The Dude.

Sorceror07 55M

3/30/2006 6:20 am

good thing you put all that wax on your trunk lid lol!

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

_Safira 55F
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4/1/2006 7:37 am

You know ... I KNOW where the Metal God's Bat Cave is located. I might just take me a gander out there to see if they've hidden your baby in "plain sight."

Sorce ... You better hide. Nancy Drew's on the case now. And The Dude is most assuredly my Hardy Boy!

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TTigerAtty 63M

4/5/2006 4:18 pm

Glad you got your baby back! I remember those '66 "Goats". I had a buddy whose older brother bought one new to have at college. Once in awhile, my buddy was allowed to borrow it and I got to ride shotgun! I had a '69 Road Runner which I wish I had stored and held onto, but I didn't.

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