Dance of passion  

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1/23/2006 11:44 pm

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Dance of passion

A dance in near darkness,
awakes once more this passion.
Erotic is this cruel torture,
outdated by modern fashion.

These limits which we've clearly defined,
Trying to stifle desire and produce a chill
Lust isthe heat and the bright red flame,
that strives to bend or melt my will.

Passions spawned in the pit of hell,
yet created by God as pleasure.
Your finger tips burn my skin,
your touch light as a feather.

In the heat of the moment,
our passions ignite and flare.
Tongues, lips teeth and fingers,
longing to touch and share.

Then the world slips away,
as we dance in and out of this fire.
Lips touching,caressing skin ,
alive with our desire.

The tempo grows quicker,
hips interlocked rythm not breaking.
Hearts pound, brain whirls
at this risk we are taking.

The music is a rumble,
like that of distant thunder.
Passion riding out the storm,
Oh your spell I'm under.

Lips brushing lips,
searing the flesh.
Bodies interlocked,
as to the music we mesh.

The beat so steady,
unyielding and strong.
Fueling this fire,
which propels us along.

Lips on your neck,
passion threatens to consume us.
desire forged long ago,
in our hearts furnace.

Not quite in control any longer,
Yes! a newly known reality.
As we want to sucumb ,
to our wanton mortality.

As two strong magnets drawn,
there positive poles.
A powerful connection,
between our interlocking souls.

Fighting to hold it together,
once again the master.
Panic applies the brake,
as we swerve away from disaster.

We fight not as mere mortals,
against our Humanity once more.
Yet, I've almost forgotten,
what the fight was against or for.

Fingers, lips, teeth and tongues,
searching caressing, finding.
As our slipping grasp of control,
keeps steadily unwinding.

Once more the flame grows and grows,
and our passion begins to overtake.
My need for you ever stronger,
far surpassing all that is at stake.

Till we tremble and fall together,
with the beating of one heart.
And as before with a shudder,
for now we manage to pull apart.

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