Downtown in January, part 1  

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2/3/2006 8:18 pm

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Downtown in January, part 1

Just when you think we've completely vanished off the face of the site...

We arrive at the hotel later than expected, it's raining, it's downtown Detroit, but it's our weekend alone. Off to the big city (OK, so we live in suburbs, just 30 miles or so from downtown, but it is a small town )... Greektown, the Auto Show, a chance to meet up with online friends for dinner and checking out the prelims for the upcoming big game (one shall not mention the SB by name without risking the wrath of the NFL legal department), loving the fact that there were actually people on the streets, for a change.

We "risk" walking from the hotel to Greektown - all of 3 blocks, but many suburbanites around here wouldn't have done it, believe me. We stupidly forget the umbrella in the room, but don't realize it until we're half-way to our destination so we don't bother to go back; it's only water -- RAIN in January? In Detroit? Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature that we're supposed be buried in white stuff this time of year? Hell, there's a BIG GAME coming up and the tourists will be disappointed if they can't bitch about the 6 foot piles of snow.

We decide to visit the Pegasus for dinner. It's about 9:30 on Friday so there's only a 20 minute wait -- it turned out to be 45, so much for truth in advertising. Wonderful gyros and a fascinating "show" as we watch the waiters flame cheese to loud cries of "Opa!" One long-armed waiter managed to set four plates of cheese, lined up a single arm, on fire without torching himself, the decorative artificial grape leaves above the tables, or any patron. We didn't check to see if he still had eyebrows after the pyrotechics show however.

After dinner we wander back to the hotel - "risking" our very lives, once again. (heh!) Deciding to be adventurous we set up the webcam and log in here. She begins to play with herself for the camera and the number of viewers begins to build. After a couple minutes I join the action, spread her legs further and lick, suck and nibble her pussy until she jerks and spasms in orgasm. Completely oblivious to the camera, she returns the favor. Sucking my steel-hard cock for what seemed like forever, getting me close, but not letting me cum.

Eventually, she climbs on top... ass to the camera, tits in my face, riding me. Sloppy, wet sounds rise as we meet each other thrust for thrust. After a while, we switch positions and she bends over the couch so I can take her from behind. Oh so wet... squish, MOAN, squish, GROAN. The tension builds, the thrusts grow faster, I fill her with my cum and we collapse onto the sofa. We lie there for a while, ignoring everything but us, then remember the camera's still rolling... or not.

Seems we lost our video feed at some point. Must have been fairly late into the session though since we received 2 network invitations, a lot of profile views and a thank-you email. Think we'll try this again... just not sure when.

Six hours in Motown down, 36 or so to go. Helluva a start to the weekend.

To be continued...

rm_funtime695 59F
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2/4/2006 7:58 pm

Wish I would of caught that webcam..I would of loved to of watched you two go at it.... I find you both very fascinating. Have a great time this weekend !! Funtime

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