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mid week laff

(Dedicated to all the Kaos (slang name for the Kamba tribe, an African tribe of Kenyan, they are best known for their low IQ)!

A Kao went to buy a TV.

"Do you have color TVs?" he asked the clerk
"Sure." says the clerk
"Give me a green one, please." Says the Kao

A Kao proposes to a woman. She says,

"Yes,”and asks him to give her a pair of crocodile boots. He sets off to Maasai Mara and disappears. Finally a search team finds him hunting a huge crocodile. He walks over to the reptile, checks its legs and angrily exclaims,
“The 70th damn croc and this bugger is also barefoot!"

A Kao calls an airline

"How long does it take to fly to Machakos?"
"Just a second," says the rep.
"Thank you," says the Kao and cuts the line.

A Kao was filling up an application form for a job. He filled the columns titled NAME, AGE, ADDRESS etc. Then he came to the column: SALARY EXPECTED: After much thought he wrote: Yes!
A Kao goes into a store and sees a shiny object. He asks the clerk,"What is that shiny object?" The clerk replies,"That is a thermos."
The Kao then asks,"What does it do?"
The clerk responds,"It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold." The Kao says,"I'll take one!"
The next day, he walks into the office with his new thermos. His boss asks,"Wow, you have a Thermos! What do you have in it?" The Kao replies,"Two cups of hot coffee and a bottle of cold Coke."
A Kao went to the appliance store sale and found a bargain.
"I would like to buy this small TV," he told the salesman. "Sorry, we don't sell it to Kaos," he replied.The Kao hurried home removed his beard and changed his hair style, then came back and again told the salesman."I would like to buy this TV." "Sorry, we don't sell to Kaos," Salesman replied. "Damn!!, he still can recognize me," he thought. He went for a complete disguise this time, haircut and new hair color, new outfit, big sunglasses, then waited a few days before he again approached the salesman."I would like to buy this TV." "Sorry, we don't sell to Kaos," he replied. Frustrated, he exclaimed "How do you know I'm a Kao?"
"Because that's a microwave," the salesman replied.
After a reading session, the teacher asked the students,
“Why did 18 Kaos go to a movie?”A kao replied,
”Because below 18s are not allowed to the movies.”

The doctor told the Kao to run eight kilometers a day for 300 days to lose weight..
After 300 days, the Kao called the doctor to report he had lost the weight, but he had a problem: "I'm 2,400 kms away from home."

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