how to make a woman squirt  

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how to make a woman squirt

Start slow. Use typical foreplay. You may want to start with her on
her back. Stimulate the clitoris. This can be done with a moist
finger, or with your tongue. Performing cunnilingus while rubbing her
breasts with your hands can be quite stimulating for her. At any
rate, continue clitoral stimulation until she is lubricated. At this
point slide two fingers into her vagina. Allow them to move along the
front wall of the vagina. You should encounter an area about 2 inches
in, which should be somewhat enlarged. This is the G spot. It lies
directly along the urethra, and is located almost directly behind the
clitoris. Slowly stroke this area. It should start becoming more

Stimulating the G spot almost always triggers ejaculation. Clitoral
stimulation can often assist in helping her reach an ejaculation, and
also can make it more intense. But stimulating the G spot is usually
necessary at least initially. Once she starts ejaculating easily, she
may find that clitoral stimulation alone is sufficient.

Stroking can be done a number of ways. The two fingers can rub the
area as a unit, or they can take opposite strides, similar to
walking. A third method involved sliding the two finders out a
fraction of an inch, and pushing them back in, similar to the in- out
motion of intercourse, but with smaller strokes. Initially pace the
stimulation somewhat slow. Alternate with clitoral stimulation either
with the thumb, other hand, or mouth/tongue. Also try simultaneous
stimulation of the clitoris and G spot. Watch her reactions.

Simultaneous may be too intense for some but necessary for
ejaculation for others. Take your cues from her. When she starts
bearing down, and you feel the vagina contract, begin pumping
rapidly. When she is in the middle of an orgasm, stimulate the
clitoris at the same time, and pump the G spot gently, but very
rapidly. Talk to her. Say, "your getting it, go for it, don't worry,
relax and let it come" or other similar words. She may need
reassurance that if she drenches you, you will not be upset. Tell her
how erotic you find it for her to ejaculate. Make her comfortable
with both you, and the idea of ejaculation.

This actually is not the best position. If she does not succeed after
a short time, have her roll over on her stomach, and get up on her
knees. You will find stimulating the G spot much easier in this
position, and she will most likely respond much better. With the two
fingers turned down, slide your two fingers back into her vagina.
Find the G spot and continue stimulating the G spot. You may use the
other hand to stimulate the clitoris. If after a couple of orgasms,
using rapid pumping on the G spot during orgasm, she still has not
ejaculated, then turn the hand around, putting the thumb into the

The thumb will likely not reach the G spot, but don't worry, it
should come up to meet the thumb during orgasm. Take the two fingers
and lay them down on the clit. Allow the entire curve between the
thumb and forefinger to lie along her from the vagina to her
clitoris, and begin pumping with the thumb, and rubbing the clit at
the same time. When she starts an orgasm, start pumping the entire
hand rapidly. At this point she will most likely ejaculate. The trick
is to massage the area where the urethra comes out, while stimulating
the clitoris and G spot. This will help to override the feeling she
is about to pee, and allow her to let it pass.

Be aware that the female is not only capable of multiple orgasms, but
also multiple ejaculations. It is not unusual for her to have from 3
to 5 ejaculations before depleting her supply of cum. Once she has
ejaculated one or more times, you can continue with intercourse.
Entering from behind will stimulate the G-spot more easily than
missionary style, and often-additional ejaculations will occur during
intercourse. Even if they don't, she will be highly excited, and very
sensitive. The final result will most likely be the most intense and
pleasurable sex she has ever had.

Three crucial steps:

1. Stimulation of the g-spot, on the roof of the pussy 2 or 3 inches
back. With the woman on her back, you can use your fingers to rub up
against the roof of the pussy. This can also be done with the penis
or dildo if you can find the right angle. A pillow under the woman's
ass may help. If done with the fingers, oral stimulation to the
clitoris can also be added.

2. Pressure on the lower abdomen. Gently push down just above the
pelvic bone. This pressure provides increased blood flow to the area
increasing the stimulation of nerve endings.

3. Keep this up until the woman feels an orgasm building while also
feeling a sensation similar to the urge to pee. At this point the
woman should bear down and push out with her pussy muscles while her
partner continues steps 1 and 2.

The initial feeling when the squirting begins is a tingling sensation
that almost feels like a mild burning. Don't let this distract you.
If you continue to bear down, the ejaculation will begin, followed
shortly by intense orgasms. With practice, a woman can learn to
squirt regularly, even in different positions while fucking. However,
this is the best way for the woman to learn to recognize the
sensations and let it go!

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7/23/2005 5:50 am

I think a lot of it is how relaxed the woman is. If she is comfortable with herself and her positioning is not awkward you will most likely get drenched If you ever want to see a girl squirt across the room check out cytheria from the site squirting101. There they also tell the guy to use his hand in a spider man grip. The two fingers next to the pinky inserted then curled up towards the palm.

Thanks for your blog post the more info the better.

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8/8/2005 4:57 pm

Finally someone who could make me squirt..
Kisses dear one

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8/10/2005 3:33 am

Am glad i can now make u squirt,AdultFriendFinder

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hmm crankyourwagon,spidermangrip......tell me more about it,really want to know

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