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Something to think about.......

You are driving down a lonely dessert road. In the far distance, you can see an image. What is it? As you get closer, the image becomes clearer. Yes, a beautiful young woman, her shoulder length hair swaying gently in the hot breeze. Her legs are stretched in front of her, her butt leaning against a red convertible, mustang. She wears a tiny off white camisole ith spaghetti straps and tiny red mini and a pair of matching red pumps. You know that this road is always deserted this time of year, so you pull over to offer your assistance. Hi, what seems to be the problem? I don’t know, she says, it just stalled. You look under the hood pretending to know something about cars. She leans over your shoulder, her erect nipples pressing firmly against your back. They feel so good and you immediately begin to feel your nature rise. Beads of sweat immediately form across your forehead. You turn, only to find her body pressed closely against yours. The chemistry is undeniable. Well, I don’t see anything wrong, but I’d be happy to give you a ride into the next town. She smiles wickedly…I dunno; I’m not in the habit of riding with strangers. She relents once you promise not to try anything. Besides, she’s had a huge argument with her boyfriend and she’ll be damned if she calls him. And on top of that, she has been waiting there for hours and you’re the first person on the road she has seen all day. Suddenly she beams, let me just grab my purse and bag from the back seat. She leans over and you can see a glisten. You adjust your head looking under her tiny, tiny mini skirt. She can feel your eyes on her. Quickly she turns. You become embarrassed as you try to straighten yourself, pretending to be looking at the hard dessert ground. She smiles coyly, “All set.” Here, let me help you, you say taking the bag from her hands. Thanks. Your hand touches hers and immediately, her knees give way. You gently grab her at the small of her back. Are you okay? Your touch has her weakened. Yes, I’m fine, she lies. I’ve been standing out her in this hot sun for hours, not a soul in site, and I haven’t eaten a thing all day. Well, I can fix that, you say. How about I treat you to a nice meal as soon as we get to the next town? She declines. No, I insist. I’d feel pretty bad leaving you like that. Again, she smiles, thanks you for your generosity and agrees to have dinner with you. Slowly you escort her to your SUV. So, what’s your name? Jazmyn. That’s a pretty name, Jazmyn. I’m Sean. Nice to meet you Sean. Likewise. So, Sean, do you have anything cold to drink? Yeah, there’s a cooler in the seat behind you…help your self. She releases her seatbelt and leans across the passenger seat. The car begins to swerve almost throwing her ass right into your face. Oops, sorry about that you say. You can hear her giggling to herself. Damn, you say to yourself. She comes back across the seat with only a cup of ice. Slowly she puts a piece in her mouth , then removes it. She runs it back and forth across her chest. You lick your lips becoming excited. Do you mind if I get comfortable, Sean? No…not at all. She slowly unbuttons her top, rubbing the ice across her chin, down her neck, and between her breasts. She places one of her sleek legs on the dash board, leaning it against the passenger door. She takes another piece of ice and slides it across her body. She begins at her ankle, slowly making her way up her inner thigh. You can’t help but to watch, becoming more excited with each passing moment. It’s so hot, she whispers. Are you hot, Sean, she says stroking her hand across your firming dick. For an instant, you accelerate. A little, you say nervously. Mmmm, she moans. She takes another piece of ice gliding it across her body then placing it in your mouth. Is that better she whispers in your ear? Mmmm, much. This carries on for another twenty minutes or so. She begins to hum to herself. The tune sounds familiar as you join in. So, Sean, you like that song. Yes, I love it. So tell me, something, Sean? Yesssssss? When was the last time you’ve been stroked up and down….and I don’t mean with your own hand. You are shocked at her forwardness. Don’t be shy she says. The next town is still hours away, right? Yeah, at least another few hundred miles. Well, we might as well get to know each other a little better as she turns her body, leaning it against the passenger door. She places her legs in your lap. You’re cute, Sean. Why thank you, you reply nervously, trying hard not to stare. She sits up, whispers in your ear….Sean? Hmmm, you reply. Do I make you nervous stroking her breast against your shoulder? You stutter…nnnnno, not at all. Good. She slides her hand down your chest stopping at the front of your pants. For a quick instant you close your eyes, inhaling the scent of fresh cranberries coming from her body. She unloosens your belt, unsnaps your pants, slowly lowering the zipper. Again you accelerate, your body sliding up pressing against the seat. She comes back to you, glides her tongue across your lips, then whispers in your ear, matter-of-factly, whatever happens, I want you to keep your eyes on the road. Do you understand me? You nod your head in understanding. She reaches inside your open pants taking your dick into her hands. Slowly she slides her warm tongue across the head. You accelerate…brake…accelerate…brake, then steady again. Slowly she licks the underside of your dick. Your body tenses, your eyes close. She peeks up at you, “I said eyes on the road.” You nod your head again. She inserts your hardening 9 inch dick in her mouth, closing her mouth around it only once she reaches the base of your dick. For a second you hold your breath. I must be out of my freaking mind, you wonder to yourself. Jazmyn’s head begins to bob up and down on your cock. You body temperature is rapidly rising and your heart is pounding in your chest. Mmmmm, you say. Do you like that Sean, she whispers. Mmmm Hmmm, you respond. Your dick is becoming firmer by the moment and you feel like at any minute you are going to explode. You are trying hard not to think about what is going on down below but you can’t. It is all that you can think about. Up and down, up and down, faster, faster, faster, she goes. Oh shit, you murmur. She lifts her head, streams of cum dripping from the side of her mouth. Mmmmm, did you enjoy that Sean? Yes, you whimper. Soooo, Sean, do you mind if I ask you another question? Mmmm hmmm is all that you can muster up.Good she says straddling your body. Remember, what ever happens keep your eyes on the road. She slides your hard dick across the lips of her wet pussy and for the first time, you realize that she hasn’t been wearing any underwear. Mmmm, you say as you feel her sliding down on your hard cock. The feeling is tantalizing. She wraps her arms around your neck kissing you softly. You want so much to return her kisses, but you must keep your eyes on the road. Up and down she slides on your firm dick. You’re going mad, the feeling is like none that you have ever experienced. This chick is wild you think to yourself. She picks up speed, your dick exploring deep inside of her wet pussy. Mmmm she moans, ripping off her bra and caressing her breasts. Looking to the side of her, you are able to take one of her tender, erect nipples in your mouth sucking on it much like a nursing baby, but still KEEPING YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD. You are fast approaching your peak. You can no longer take it. You swerve on the shoulder of the road, wrap your arms around her tiny waist lifting her up and down on your hard dick. Oh, Jazmyn…Oh Jazmyn, Yes Sean… I think I am cummmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. You release a deep sigh as you explode deep inside her. This was wild, you think to yourself again, but I’d like to do it again. Exhausted, Jazmyn tries to wiggle from your loveseat, but not before you kiss her deeply. She smiles, takes her place in the passenger seat still dripping of your juice and hers, curls up, and mumbles, “Thanks for the ride. You’re a true prince.” She drifts off into a deep sleep. You stare at her, smiling, wondering if she meant the ride into the next town or the ride that has her sleeping so peacefully now

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5/24/2006 11:59 am

Wow!!! That is one HOT read!!! I would like to try that someday. Wonder if I could pull it off!!! Verrrrry sexy!!!


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6/13/2006 4:20 am

I would love to have read that.....

A paragraph or nineteen would have helped.


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