calgon take me away!  

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6/13/2006 4:16 am

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calgon take me away!

Just finished shampooing my carpets, mopping floors, cleaning out the refrigerator etc. and I am wishing that someone out there would take me away from all of this for a few days. Yet even if I could go I can't. My 12 yr old granddaughter is flying in from Norfolk Va later today to spend some quality time with me. Something we have never had. I am looking forward to it very much. So for the next 5 weeks I will be enjoying her visit. I remember when she was born almost 13 yrs ago. It was only 6 weeks after my husband and son had drowned and to me she was the angel that saved me from going off the deep end. I helped take care of her while her mom Finished high school and her father was out to Sea. Once they moved out of my home I was left with a void once again and it took a huge crisis for me to finally wake up and decide I needed to do something with my life. I met Dan on the internet and fell in love with him. I moved out here to be closer to him only to find out he was married and was cheating on his wife with alot of other women besides me. I'm not one to admit defeat and run back into my cave crying. I took a stand and finished my education, got my 4 degrees and changed my life around. I did a hell of a lot of growing up too. I experimented with alot of different lifestyles just to see what they were like, I learned alot too! I made some drastic changes that now has me looking forward to a healthier life. So in a way Dan, who by the way is still a good friend (even though his marriage ended in Divorce, and he remarried AND isn't happy with her either,) Helped me change my life, gave me the courage and determination to not fail.

You see along the way I have learned a very valuable lesson, always look for the good in someone or something no matter what the situation. Don't get picky with everything or anyone. I always look at things or people as it may be the one thing that will change my life for the better. Even if it isn't you can still learn a lesson from it. How do you know that person you just turned down because they aren't a perfect 10 isn't the one person you have been looking for all your life? Just because they don't fit a perfect mold doesn't mean they aren't that person.

I always like to meet someone first and give them a chance. The only problem though with me lately is I don't always have the availability to meet them when it is convenient for both of us. So I hope they would at least like to chat awhile online or through email so we can get to know each other a little before meeting. I've recently gotten a few responses on here from some guys that I would love to meet. But I give them my email address and never hear from them again. I don't understand why, but look at it like ok...their loss not mine. I am not going to chase anyone around, you either want to meet me or you don't. I can tell you one thing though, they won't be sorry if they take that time to get to know me and we finally do get to have sex. Well one of these days someone is going to take that time, have the patience to get to know the real me, won't run away at stupid stuff...and he will be rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. Not only in the sex department but in everything else too. I have always made it a point to make the man I am with happy, BUT what is even better, is I respect myself now and that will also help make him feel like a king!

Anyway, I need to get my horny self to bed, got a very important day tomorrow starting in exactly 12 hours from now. Anyone know of some fun places to take a soon to be 13 yr old girl to, that will make her visit to our great state one to remember? We're already planning on going hiking in the Superstitions, and to a few Ghost towns. Oh well it sure would be nice to go with someone that knows their way around alot better...but I will figure out something. I always do!
Til Later!

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