I'm Free! I'm Free! I'm finally Free!  

mesameli 63F
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7/18/2006 3:41 pm

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7/26/2006 1:02 pm

I'm Free! I'm Free! I'm finally Free!

My Grand daughter left early this morning and is back in Norfolk with her family and my youngest son moved out this past Saturday. I am now totally alone and finally free! That means I can run around nude if I want to, watch what I want to on TV and have company over and do as I please! No kids to hound me, or listen in on my conversations. No one to walk in my room and see what I am doing on my computer. I have looked forward to this moment for so long I didn't think it would ever happen. WOW it is so hard to believe! I keep expecting someone to walk through that door, or call me from the other room. Anyway, for the next few days I am going to do some major house cleaning, reshampoo my carpets move my computer and my art desk and all the accessories into what used to be the baby's room, My bedroom will finally be just that, nothing else in it except my bed and dressers! I'll have room to move around in here!! Yippie!!! I am going to take about 4-5 days just cleaning this house and getting it to where I want it. Then I am going to relax and enjoy it before I do anything else. Hopefully maybe I can have someone special over,light some scented candles, put on some soft music and do something I have wanted to do and needed for a very long time....hmmmmm I wonder what that could be? LOL!
Well I only have 3 hours worth of daylight before I lose the light in the one bedroom that is empty if I want to shampoo the carpet. There's no over head light so I have to use the outside light until I set up my art desk etc in there...wish me luck! I wish I had some help...then maybe after it was over I could get a nice massage...and some real relaxation help, the kind that totally numbs your body and helps you get a good nights sleep....sigh...maybe I will have it soon!
Til then...!!!

mesameli 63F

7/18/2006 5:05 pm

Thanks...I just finished washing the walls, now I am going to shampoo...and I am doing this all in the nude....it's fun!

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