Why Do Lovers Lie?  

merlion45 51F
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8/27/2006 9:32 pm
Why Do Lovers Lie?

Why do husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends lie, deceive and betray each other?

It's not easy to explain why people lie. First of all, it's not pleasant to think about being betrayed by someone you love. No one likes to think that a husband or wife may be lying, especially not in their own relationship.

Moreover, the explanation takes some time to tell, especially if you truly want to understand the problem at hand. Superficial explanations are a dime a dozen and they tend to be just as valuable.

So what do we know about deception, lying, love, and marriage?

Undoubtedly, it is safe to assume that everyone wants a close, romantic relationship that is built on openness, intimacy, and trust. Despite our best intentions, our close relationships do not always work that way.

Often, romantic relationships and marriages lead to betrayal, secrecy, and distrust.

In fact, deception is more likely to occur as two people get closer, especially when romance is involved.

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