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9/1/2006 9:11 am

we all have been used to the idea that we cant be, shouldnt be or will never be happy alone without that guy/girl whom we can call our twin of soul
we have had this idea via songs, movies and other media sources
but have u ever considered how valid this assumption is
is it true? i mean for real?
that we can not be happy on our own
we should feel guilty to feel happy on our own
we will never be happy on our own

but how about all the pain caused by those so-called twins of souls (boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses)
is it true that this short term happiness is worth it? is it worth all the pain athat accompanies it??

have u never ever felt happy alone??
i find that difficult to believe

how about those times when u got good grades?
those times that u sat on the couch knowing that u were safe with only the tv and sth to drink to accompany u?
how about those short walks that u took with ur dog? or only with ur mp3
how about the times u were listening to that great song? or watchimg that super movie?? or just watching the sun setting into the depth of the ocean??
did u need someone then??

i know it would have made it more perfect to have someone who cares about u to share those moments but arent they special on their own??

the splendidness of those moments wont disappear by the fact that u r enjoying them all by urself

dear all

its not a call for solitude

its just a call to go back and re think

to rejoice being the company of ourselves

to celebrate being our own selves best friends

to enjoy spending time with ourselves

coz if we dont noone else will enjoy spending time with us

i dont want u to run away from urselves

every single one of us has the right to be happy even alone

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