Damn its Hot in Here......  

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7/29/2006 3:21 pm
Damn its Hot in Here......

It’s a hot sultry afternoon temperatures in the high nineties and she has just came in from the pool all moist and hot with her red hot bikini on, she has been pool side driving all the males crazy with her tan smooth body, She has worked herself up into a frenzy teasing and playing the sly cat catch me if you can.
Leaving her sliding door slightly open for fresh air and a hopeful encounter, he has been watching her from a distance never really making direct eye contact but flirting with his eyes and body as he moved around the pool. She noticed he was the one the only one who didn’t cat call and make a fool of himself the quiet one. She had invited him over and in with her eyes and body as to say I know you like it why don’t you come and take a chance?
He did notice all the signs and made his way to her door and noticed when he knocked that it was left open as to say Come in! He called away to her with no response but heard the shower start as he looked inside waiting for a reply.
So he took a chance and went into the room laying in the floor a little trail of bikini top and bottoms leading its way to the bathroom where she had went. He knocked on the door and she coyly said hello in a sultry sexy voice at this moment he felt awkward and didn’t know a response but asked if she could use a helping hand or two, and from around the curtain a hand appeared with a come here gesture.
He moved his way to the curtain hands reaching ever so slowly and softly around to grasp her shoulders and he began to rub them keeping the curtain between himself and her as he rubbed he felt her melt away and sigh, ever so sexy.
His touch was magic as he rubbed away with the hot water running over and down her body it felt so good she almost climaxed from the pleasure of his touch. Then the curtain opened there he was standing in front of her she could tell he was excited and ready for her touch she reaches down and slowly turns the water off and steps out of the shower feeling him against her body he was fully aroused. ……………………Well if this interested you and got your attention and you would be interested in finishing this story or making a new one let me know………..lol….hope to hear from you………have fun happy hunting.

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