well sex sex and more sex..... but not yet  

meresu 57F
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6/4/2006 1:23 am
well sex sex and more sex..... but not yet

Ever wanted not to have sex

Well can't say I have in the past 6 months!!
But there are times, people, situations where your thinking NO just good friends- no game here! well..............

To feel the clothed body next to mine
To sense an urgency to touch,
To run a single finger across his chest
as he unbuttons the business shirt exposing one nipple then the other,
His strong chest expanding as I brush againstit,
To feel him draw me in closer and touch
I want to feel his warmth
I want to feel his tenderness,yet his strength
I want to remember the first touch and that it meant something
That this was something different,
The headaches of the day disappearing into vapour,
The calmness of the evening absorbing us as he holds me

He removes his shirt and I lustfully sigh at his physique
He cannot know I want him as I have reluctantly played the game
But truthfully, I did not want him he was my friend but his magic weaved its way to my door,
I am melting into him and have no desire to stop
Let alone control to stop,
He kisses my neck, running his tongue down the nape of my neck
OH god I am alive! every nerve ending has exploded
Don't move I tell myself, remain calm
He is taking me on a journey
Oh no I want the destination ...well maybe a pitstop''lol

He moves closer to my face and just brushes my cheek with his cheek.
I feel soft skin with a hint of stubble against mine
He smiles at me all knowingly, I shy away from his eyes.
His eyes are the most beautiful chocolate brown
His skin so tanned and glowing
He is working me beautifully as he knows I am not resisting
I don't care ..He is so masterful, he knows it
I know it, He has me where he wants me

I so desire him. He has skillfully turned me full circle from not wanting him to fully desiring him,
I am willing that he will take me and pleasure me to his hearts content
I am lost in the moment.. Is this what I wanted NO but it's what I am taking
I feel him slide his hands down my body and stops at my breasts
He circles his fingers around my nipples as they are so erect and protude beautifully
He looks at me and smiles and kisses my lips
I am his and he knows it ...I could kick myself
He kisses me tenderly and passionately over & over whilst skillfully caressing every part of me
I am so weak from desire for him yet he has so much strength
I turn to pull back and he grabs me firmly and leads me to the bedroom
He leads me to the bed where he lays hugging me, holding me,kissing me and caressing me
I feel him lean into me cueing his desire
This is not strip bare and have sex time
this is the penultimate lovemaking
He opens my blouse and reaches in to cup my breast from my bra I gasp in delight
The ecstacy is audible
I cannot contain my demureness
I say to him 'Game over Fuck me'
He chuckles and proceeds to devour my nipples

Game over

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